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The Best Sitcom Ensemble Of The 1970s

Who doesn’t love a great sitcom ensemble? I sure do. That’s why I decided to write a series of articles about the best sitcom ensembles by decade. I already covered the ’60s, giving the title to Batman. Shout out to Adam West! Now, I move onto the ‘70s. I’ll be …

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10 Movies To Give You Your Sports Fix

This is a rough time for sports fans. We’ve lost so many hours of entertainment. These days, I’d be gearing up for March Madness. These are troubling times indeed. However, I want to help give you a respite. Sports movies still exist. They haven’t gone anywhere. Here are 10 sports …

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Invisible Man

I haven’t necessarily done my research on this, but if I were to guess what film genre has the most remakes, it’s probably horror.  It feels like every year we get a horror remake, whether it be a classic from the 30’s or 40’s or something newer from the 80’s …

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‘Tis The Season For Leprechauns

When I was a child, we set leprechaun traps in school for St. Patrick’s Day. I only remember doing it one year. We used candy as bait. Our teacher had set off all the traps, to the best she could comprehend our childish nonsense I’m sure, but of course no …

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