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The Biggest TV Turkeys Of 2019

On Thanksgiving, you will probably eat turkey while watching TV. At the very least, you will fall asleep in front of the TV after eating too much turkey. Sometimes, though, we watch turkeys on TV. Perhaps literally, but also figuratively. You know what I mean when I say a show, …

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The Movie Turkeys Of 2019

At Thanksgiving, turkey is good. Well, unless you’re a vegetarian. Everybody else, though, it probably going to chow down on at least a bit of turkey on Turkey Day. However, outside of the Thanksgiving paradigm, “turkey” can mean something different. If something is bad, you can call it a “turkey.” …

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At Least Food Network Shows Thanksgiving Some Love

I’m a Thanksgiving fan. It’s my second-favorite holiday behind Christmas. However, it basically gets subsumed by Christmas culturally. We hop from Halloween to Christmas ads and Thanksgiving gets short shrift. This is lame. There aren’t many Thanksgiving movies, or TV episodes about Thanksgiving, at least compared to Christmas. There is …

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