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Top 10 Anime Of All Time

Anime is one of the few shelters of high fantasy about other worlds that Western cinema and TV rarely spoil us. There is enough fantasy here too – urban, mystical and even superhero. But most importantly, unlike Western animators, anime creators do not consider fantasy to be children’s fairy tales …

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TV Shows Trending Right Now

Thanks to the amazing streaming services, everyone is obsessed with the latest TV shows these days. From the Crisis on Infinite Earths to The Witcher, you will always find someone talking about the upcoming twists in the shows. Indulging in the fantasies and drama of the fictional world has become …

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Movies to Look For In January 2020

We are about to enter into a new decade, and studios in Hollywood have lined up some mind-blowing movie projects to keep you entertained in 2020. Some of the upcoming releases include some highly anticipated movies and movie sequels are on the line for viewers to make 2020 another great …

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2019 Was a Great Year for Food YouTube

I grew up on television. I was raised by TV. As time presses forward, technology advances, and I have kept up to some degree. I’m all about streaming platforms. I binge shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I’ve got some other apps, like Pluto TV and Filmrise, that I use. …

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