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Gary Douglas Band drops new Single

With cordial, sincere lyricism and giant guitars along for the ride, Gary Douglas delivers everything that country-rock devotee’s relish in his new preview single “River Road,” soon available everywhere as part of his next record, Deep in the Water. Douglas manages to transcend the prerequisite limitations of studio-produced heartland rock and …

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Indie Music Round-Up: Niq Reeman’s “A Selection of Musical Tales”, Captain of the Lost Waves’ “Hidden Gems”, and D.G. Adams’ “The Old Heart”

Niq Reefman’s “A Selection of Musical Tales” Australian singer and songwriter NiqReefmanreleased in April 2017 “A Selection of Musical Tales” in which his signature minimalist fusion of jazz chords and folk lyrics are used to tell stories to the tune of some compelling melodies—and, interestingly enough, electronic music sounds.  One …

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