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What’s Next for This Year’s Oscar Nominees?

Hollywood is a town that exists in the present with very little reflection going on before the next new and shiny toy is brought out for audiences to marvel at and play with. It’s a play on Woody Allen’s famous argument for breaking up with Diane Keaton’s character in Annie …

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In Other Apocalyptic News “The Masked Dancer” Heads to FOX

Not content with just one Masked variety/gameshow, the FOX network – arbiters of the high quality weekly offering of The Masked Singer – has decided to pull a page from the gamebook of other franchise milking institutions and introduce a spinoff from their uber-popular Gong Show Redux (AKA the aforementioned …

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INTERVIEW: Brian Simpson

Getting the proverbial ball rolling Brian, Merry Christmas and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with VENTS about your life and career…We appreciate it! With that said, it’s Secret Origin time: What led you to the world of stand-up comedy? My friends and …

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