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Question Of The Week: Your Podcast On Repeat

I write about movies. I write about TV. I write about music. Sometimes, I write about cooking and food shows on YouTube. You know what I haven’t written about much? Podcasts. That’s odd, given that I probably spend more time per week with podcasts than any other entertainment. I listen …

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Hinds Tweaks Their Sound, But Keeps Their Heart

I was an early adopter when it comes to Hinds. I’ve been listening to them since they were a duo called Deers releasing slapdash singles like six years ago. The duo became a quartet and changed their name, and since then I have stuck with the ladies from Spain on …

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Harry Solomon: Fashion Icon

OK, this is the last time I’ll be writing about 3rd Rock from the Sun, I promise. I know I have dedicated multiple articles here in the year 2020 to a fairly successful but far from iconic sitcom that stopped airing like 20 years ago. It’s been decades since most …

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What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Better Call Saul’

Breaking Bad is my favorite TV drama of all time. Granted, that’s not saying a ton for me. There are only a handful of dramas that I have watched with any regularity. A lot of them are old procedurals like Columbo. Dramas aren’t really my thing. I’ve watched at least …

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Picking And Choosing The Best Of Game Shows

Because of the ubiquity of BUZZR, the TV channel dedicated to old game shows, I find myself checking in on it here and there. Oftentimes, it feels like Supermarket Sweep is on. That gets my attention, but I have increasingly realized something. I’m only interested in the part where they …

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Looking Back At 1955 In Film

One last time, let’s take a look at movie releases from days gone by. Previously, I had gone back in time in five-year increments to cover what was happening around the this time in the calendar when it came to movie releases. I’ve looked at terrible months for movies and …

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