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Will Marvel’s Dominance Continue In 2020?

Marvel has had a pretty outsized impact on the world of film. You may be aware of this. The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed the way movies are made, and they came to a head in 2019. Avengers: Endgame is the highest-grossing movie of all time. Two of the other four …

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Can ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ Actually Be Good?

Long-delayed sequels often are a reason for concern. After two beloved, Oscar-winning movies, most people were disappointed in The Godfather Part III. Zoolander is really funny! Zoolander 2 is abysmal and made everybody disappointed at best, angry and worst! I should be skeptical about any sequel that is coming out …

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Some Indie Music Highlights From 2019

The year 2019 was a great one for indie music. Every year, for my own edification, I put together my list of the top 25 albums of the year. For me, given my taste, they are all indie rock or indie pop albums. I’m not looking to replicate my entire …

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Mariah Carey, The Christmas Music Juggernaut

It’s Christmas time, and I am somebody who writes about music on the occasion. There’s a song I have not yet touched on. In fact, I’ve never touched upon it in my writing. To double down on the “in fact” statements, I’ve never heard the song in its entirety that …

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