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Traveling Back To The Days Of Emo With Cap’n Jazz

I was a teenager for the bulk of the 2000s. You know what that means. Yes, I was into emo. Punk, emo, and indie singer songwriters were my jam in high school and college. Recently, for playlist making reasons, I found myself going back into the world of emo. I …

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The Five Best Marvel Movies

It’s summer. The dead of summer. The dog days of summer. This would also, normally, be blockbuster season. We’d all be heading to the theater to get out of the heat and into the air conditioning and to watch the biggest films of the year. This summer, though, that isn’t …

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What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Cougar Town’

How do you feel about hangout sitcoms? And also giving a show a chance that you may have written off because it has a terrible title? And also maybe skipping a few episodes early on because they aren’t good and are basically a different show? Then, my friend, I recommend …

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Looking Back At The Changing TV Landscape Of 2010

Ten years ago, the TV landscape was very different. Especially since the landscape was really just TV. Streaming networks weren’t really a thing yet. You could watch stuff online, sure. I distinctively remember watching episodes of, say, The Office the day after they aired. However, the original content wasn’t really …

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Movie Reviews From Self-Isolation

It’s time for another dispatch from the world of pandemic movie watching. Recently, I had a free trial of Starz, which meant I got to watch several movies I had never seen before. And also Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is still delightful. Here are brief reviews of all these …

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