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What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Cheers’*

This is going to be a different binge recommendation than usual. At first, it’s going to seem totally normal. In fact, it may seem obvious. Then, there’s going to be a bit of a twist. My recommendation for bingeing this weekend? A little sitcom called Cheers. Yes, that Cheers. The …

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Question Of The Week: Your Favorite Procedural

Procedurals feels like part of a dying breed. These TV shows that are dedicated to one story per episode are becoming rarer. Usually these are detective shows or cop shows, because there is a weekly mystery to solve. They can be, say, medical shows though. To be a procedural, you …

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The Silly, Old Sitcom That’s Surprisingly Good

There are many shows that I’m aware of that I never really watched. They are more references than anything else, usually because they seem silly. Occasionally, I check them out merely from curiosity. I’m talking about shows like My Mother the Car and Manimal. Although, Manimal was a total flop. …

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