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The Joys Of Thanksgiving Football

Thanksgiving is this week. It is a day for a few things. Eating a lot of food, for example. However, that doesn’t have anything to do with entertainment necessarily. You know what does, though? Football. To be, Thanksgiving is about football. Granted, my weekends are basically about football as well, …

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Beyond Turkeys: ‘WKRP In Cincinnati’

When you think of Thanksgiving episodes of TV, one of the first you think of, maybe this first, is “Turkeys Away,” the iconic WKRP in Cincinnati episode. On the flip side, if you ask somebody to tell you what they think of when it comes to WKRP in Cincinnati, the …

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It Would Be Cool If They Rebooted ‘Doug’

Recently, Animaniacs was rebooted. I think I have heard Tiny Toons Adventures is getting a reboot as well. Rocko’s Modern Life had a movie show up on Netflix. Basically, ‘90s cartoons are getting rebooted. I didn’t even mention the new Powerpuff Girls, because that hit a few years ago at …

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Question Of The Week: Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Next week is Thanksgiving (at least in America, shout out to Canadian Thanksgiving), and so the question of the week will be all about Thanksgiving. Now, you may claim this isn’t popular culture, but I very much disagree. How many TV shows feature Thanksgiving, specifically Thanksgiving dinner? The Butterball hotline …

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