Chris Anderson

Christian Anderson is a force in the world of Marketing and PR, founding his own successful Digital Marketing & PR firm Lost Boy Entertainment Company. In 2020, Anderson became youngest member of the Forbes Communications Council.

Interview: DANTZ


Hi DANTZ! How are you? I’m very fine! Where are you from? I am from Tokyo, Japan. I grew up in Yokohama. What is your greatest inspiration for your music? I often imagine visuals from a picture and art. For example, from a movie, photograph, manga, and animation. What are …

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Interview – Mudd Bughatti

Mudd Bughatti

Hi Mudd Bughatti! How are you? I’m doing well. Where are you from? I’m from East St Louis, Illinois What is your greatest inspiration for your music? My greatest Inspiration for my music is being able to expose my kids to a different life than what I saw and giving …

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Artist Day1 Anti Releases New Song “Rider”

Fresh to the scene is up-and-coming artist Day1 Anti looking to get his name established in the hip hop music industry. Rising from the streets of Detroit, Anti knows what it is like to come from nothing and work for what you want in life. He is taking the same …

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Interview: Ray Kirk

Ray Kirk

Hi Ray Kirk! How are you? I’m fine thanks. I’m doing great. Where are you from? I want to say I’m from Mars, but I’m from Osaka, Japan originally. What is your greatest inspiration for your music? I get my inspiration from various places throughout my life, but mostly my …

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Interview With Mello Spazzout

Mello Spazzout

Hi Mello Spazzout! How are you? I’m good, thanks. Where are you from? Chicago, Illinois. What is your greatest inspiration for your music? Spazz, my big brother. What are 3 words that describe your music? Pain, trap, and blood. What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about? Trapping and …

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John Jay is More Than A Musician

John Jay

John Jay motivates the young artist by finding an audience for them, something they did not have, after which their talent speaks for themselves. Musicians have grown in their quality and lyrical content. For an artist that has motivated the youngest artist in Miami, John Jay has been rewarded by a fan base and growth in the music industry. The secret, he admits, is patience, resilience, and hard work when things get tough.

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