Anthony Flammia

Anthony Flammia was born on July 9th 1987 into a family of musicians and singers. This embedded in him a wide range of musical influences varying from Stevie Wonder & Frank Sinatra, to Jay-Z & Jadakiss. His musical journey began at the early age of 6, singing in various school and church events. He later found his love for the piano after high school as he taught himself how to play. Flammia quickly fell in love with the stage and performing, and has pursued his passion for music ever since.

Exotique Men Makes Comeback Post-Pandemic

The popular male revue show, Exotique Men Male Strippers NYC, is planning on making its comeback post-pandemic. With all of the shutdowns in New York City, many male revue shows were forced to close. As a result, there has been a lack of entertainment for bachelorette parties and birthday parties …

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HungryPanda Confronting Unclear Media Criticism in Australia

After attending the NSW parliamentary hearing on 23 Feb, HungryPanda received more attentions from the media and the government. Media used fearful words on their headlines to describe the process of hearing. HungryPanda, founded in 2017 in the United Kingdom to satisfy the overseas Chinese consumers by providing authentic and …

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Review on Soma muscle relaxer for pain management

Pain is not a new feeling for any of us. It is an unpleasant stimulus that can affect the homeostasis of the person. Going by the statistics by the Washington post it is seen that about 50 million Americans suffer from body pain every year. This makes up to 20 …

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UseViral Review – Legit Service or Scam?

Social media is used to connect with others. People like to share their thoughts and opinions and find others who are like-minded. The most successful businesses on social media networks use this connection to their advantage. The competition to connect and get high engagement and growth makes it challenging for …

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