How To Become a Realtor

Being in real estate is something that has caught the attention of so many people worldwide. The house buying and selling processes can be intimidating but also a very exciting experience for those who work as realtors. A huge drive for so many individuals in becoming a realtor is the thought of helping someone find their perfect home, or selling their old home to pursue the home of their dreams. While this task might sound easy, it is an extremely competitive industry and it can be difficult for new realtors to make their way through this particular world. But every challenge comes with its first steps! Becoming a realtor requires a few steps before you can be on your way to tearing up the real estate world with your new realtor energy. 

Pre-licensing Course and Licensing Exam

As a precursor to taking the official licensing exam to become a realtor, one must go through the pre-licensing course first. Depending on your state, you must have a certain number of hours going through the course to learn the ins and outs of the real estate market and the practices and legal requirements of this industry. How many hours are required for each state and what each state’s pre-licensing course requirements will look like can be found online. Before jumping into this profession, it is recommended that you do research on the costs of these courses and exams to see just how much you are willing to get into for this career. 

After you have successfully completed the pre-licensing course, you are now off to take your licensing exam. These are most likely held in government testing centers and are multiple choice questions. You are also able to retake this test as much as you want within a period of two years. 

Activate Your License and Join a Brokerage

Yay! Once you have passed your test, you can now take the steps to activate your license. You will be able to activate it through the specific commissions website for whatever state you are in. Being a member on this website will give you access to area statistics and real estate market information that will prove to be beneficial to you as your time as a realtor. In order to be a full fledged real estate agent, you must find a brokerage to work under – that’s just the rules. These brokerages help to keep realtors in check legally by making sure they are following all the legal standards and regulations that come with working in the real estate world. It is a series of checks and balances that can help ensure quality realtor assistance. Brokers also typically pay by commission, which is also something to keep in mind while choosing to pursue this endeavor. 

Risks and Rewards

Like any profession, this particular industry has its ups and downs and different pros and cons that you are going to want to weigh before jumping right in. Realtors in Idaho Falls have a lot of experience when it comes to the market and they know what it takes to be at the top of their real estate field. This profession takes an investment of time, effort, and money, but its rewards can be great with bringing in good money and being fulfilling in assisting people with finding their forever home. It won’t always be easy, but if this is the path you choose to take, these few steps will help get you started on the path to become a realtor.

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