What Is a Master Key, and When Do You Need It?

A master key system diagram is a blueprint for creating a secure environment, similar to an architect’s drawing. It shows a vision of how to allow or restrict access to a property. Any system that provides varying levels of access has to be tailored to meet the needs of the building or group where it’s installed.

Symbols and abbreviations commonly used in the design of the system diagram are used to communicate the various types of keys that will be used to access a property. Once the plan is approved, key code recordings are made, cylinders are cut, and keys are recorded. Many minor changes are made to a key blueprint before the cylinders, locks, and keys are shipped.

A master keying system diagram shows a hierarchy of locks, with one key at the top, which can fit into several locks, and several keys at the bottom, which can only fit into a single lock. Having fewer key levels can help prevent unauthorized access.

Why Install a Master Key System?

One of the main reasons why a master keying system is beneficial is to improve security. It eliminates the need for multiple keys when one key is used to access a property.

A designated key can be used in a master keying system to open a variety of predetermined doors. A named key, for example, AA1, can also operate certain types of locks depending on the model of the cylinder inside them.

Master keying systems are composed of multiple locks and related components that are linked in some way. For instance, an elementary school might have a master key that allows all of its doors to be opened. On the other hand, a different key might be used to open the classroom’s other doors.

If the locks are equipped with matching keys, a single key can easily open several doors. If a school is a part of a cooperative or a district with a single system for its various buildings, a single grand key can be used to open the exterior and interior doors of the school.

The great grand key is the top level of a master keying system. Although each lock has its own unique key, the top level can open all of the security system’s doors. This allows the system to be organized along functional groups or departmental lines to allow emergency or supervisory access.

How to Get a Master Key?

Only reputable locksmiths can create key systems. Similar to a standard key, master keys will look similar to other keys in a master keying system. It can only be differentiated by the cuts, except for the appearance of the stamped characters, which are usually identified by the letters “A” or “GGM.” A duplicate of the key can be obtained if the authorization and matching key are in the correct keyway.

To operate master keys, the key and lock must be aligned with the pins inside the cylinders. Tiny pins, which are color-coded according to their shape and size, are inserted into the lock cylinders. One key can operate various types of locks, such as cabinet and door locks if the cylinder inside them is the same model.

A patent-protected cylinder provides security and reduces the cost of implementing access control. In addition, the integrated design of a master key allows it to be utilized with electronic locks.

Final Thoughts

Every organization wants to ensure that its facilities, employees, and goods are secure. Despite technology evolving, there is still no better way to keep your business secure than to have a locksmith install a good key system. Its effectiveness and security are referred to as key control. Successfully implementing key control requires a master key lock system. This type of system provides high-level access to various areas of the organization, and it can be easily managed by employees.

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