Ranking Every Episode Of Season 3 Of ‘The Adventures Of Pete & Pete’

A brief foray into TV episode ranking ends. There are only three seasons of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and I have arrived at the third season. Now, there are two things about this season. One, it’s not on DVD. As such, to watch these episodes, you have to watch them where you can find them. I definitely checked out a few on YouTube in my day. Second, the third season is a step down. I know this already. The third season features Little Pete more, with Big Pete somewhat aging out of the Nickelodeon target audience. Thus, Little Pete has some new friends, Monica and Wayne. Neither of them is all that good of a character, and Little Pete’s enemies aren’t as fun as Endless Mike either. Plus, no Artie, the Strongest Man in the World.

Here is my ranking of the third season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, the final season of the show.

13. “Splashdown!”

12. “Last Laugh”

11. “The Good, the Bad and the Lucky”

10. “Crisis in the Love Zone”

9. “Allnighter”

8. “Road Warrior”

7. “Dance Fever”

6. “Saturday”

5. “The Trouble with Teddy”

4. “O Christmas Pete”

3. “35 Hours”

2. “Pinned!”

1. “Das Bus”

The third season is weird. Honestly, “Pinned!” and “Das Bus” are arguably my two favorite episodes in the history of the show. After that, it’s a lot of pretty good or decent episodes. That makes for a top heavy season. It also is notable that my top two episodes are Big Pete episodes. Even “35 Hours” features both brothers heavily. “Saturday,” the final episode of the show, is good, but it is also not a series finale in any real way. That’s kind of a bummer. That’s how Nickelodeon did things, though.

I wish I could have this season on DVD just to watch the top-two episodes here, but otherwise I may not be indulging two much. The first two seasons of Pete & Pete are definitely better.

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