PREMIERE: Erika Olson Debuts Her Latest Single “Mom Life”

Erika Olson, the American expat based in East Sussex, releases her new easy listening adult contemporary single “Mom Life.”

The song has a sprinkling of country in the melody as she sings “On the outside it looks nice/ Just watch out for the landmines/ We sharpen up our knives for another day of mom life/ So pass me down the wine/ I’ve been up all day and night just trying to survive / Another day in mom life.” Her lyrics remind listeners of Adele and Brandi Carlile while her voice rings similar to Tracy Chapman or Eva Cassidy.

“Mom Life” is beautifully written and catchy. She invites her listeners into her heart and soul, giving them an insight into her thoughts and feelings. Her honesty in this song is what propels it to new heights.

Erika wrote “Mom Life” when she was feeling particularly off her mom game and noticing that it seemed as though all the other moms around her had everything together without any effort at all.  “Mothering in the time of social media has made it so easy to find damning evidence of my inadequacy,” she shares. “‘Mom Life’ is about the story I’ve written many times when comparing myself to others – that everyone else is simply better at life than I am.  But after a deep breath, a glass of red, and a laughter filled session with my besties, the truth reveals itself.  We are all just doing our best to survive the insanity of modern motherhood!”

Motherhood heavily influences Erika’s artistry, making her music personal and raw in ways that not many others explore. Erika’s babies and her music have grown up side by side. She only started playing and writing music about 6 years ago when she left her job as a litigation attorney to be a stay at home mom.

She felt she was losing herself and needed something that was just for her, something to connect who she was to who she was becoming. She started taking guitar lessons.  Music gave her time and space away from the relentless repetition of life with a young child. Sitting on a little step stool in her kitchen, Erika would cradle her guitar and sing her heart out after putting her baby to bed.  While walking endless miles pushing a stroller, she began crafting lyrics and finding melodies set to the beat of her baby’s buggy.

Music helped remind her that she was wild and adventurous. She used the calm moments in the sea of chaos – to hone her craft, study, practice, record, and perform.  She’s amassed a robust catalog of original indie folk material that explores the aching beauty shrouded in the mundane and everyday.

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Muhammad Zohaib Providing SEO Services, Writing Services and Guest Posts/Backlinks Services on quality sites. Email:: [email protected] WhatsApp: +923354300573

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