Best Essential Oils for Sunburn Relief | Benefits & How to use

What is the best essential oil for sunburn relief? If you’re looking for a natural remedy for sunburn, essential oils may be the answer. There are many essential oilsto choose from. One that is widely used is Eucalyptus. The oil is steam distilled and contains cineol, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe inflamed skin. Tea Tree Oil also has great sunburn relieving properties.

Studies show that the chemical in tea tree oil may have a direct effect on the immune system, soothing the pain and inflammation caused by sunburn. In addition, lavender oil has soothing and healing qualities. To learn more about essential oils for sunburn, continue reading.

Best Essential Oils for Sunburn Relief

1. Peppermint essential oil

Even while pure peppermint oil has a number of different active compounds that are proven to be beneficial to one’s health, menthol is by far the most potent.

Menthol has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory antiseptic properties.

2. Vitamin C essential oil

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has been found to have a number of advantages, one of which is the potential to lessen the discomfort of sunburn and speed up the recovery process.

The following are some of the health advantages of ascorbic acid that have been studied:

1.Guarding against the sun’s ultraviolet A and B rays

2.Ameliorating the signs and symptoms of inflammatory skin diseases

3.Boosting synthesis of collagen, the substance that provides skin its flexibility; addressing pigmentation issues to enhance the skin’s natural defences against UV radiation.

3. Vitamin E essential oil

According to a research, vitamin E may lower the risk of sunburn through the following mechanisms:

Vitamin E essential oil has been demonstrated to assist enhance the skin’s capacity to keep moisture and prevent irritation. It also acts as an antioxidant, which absorbs UV rays, and it helps the skin’s outermost layer become thicker.

4. Lavender essential oil

It’s possible that the essential oil of lavender has anti-inflammatory effects, which means it might help decrease redness and swelling.

At least seven different active compounds may be found in extracts of the lavender plant and these substances are known to stimulate immunological function and promote skin regeneration.

This helps minimise feelings of pain, redness, and swelling while also minimising the chance of infection.

5. Tea Tree Essential oil

As a traditional herbal treatment, the extract obtained from the needle-like leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant has been used to treat a wide range of health issues, the majority of which are skin diseases.

Properties that may be attributed to tea tree oil’s active components are immune-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

6. Geranium essential oil

At least 12 active compounds may be found in extracts of the shrub geranium. Because geranium oil has also been shown to be beneficial as a sedative and nerve tonic, it has the potential to give even more effective pain relief from sunburn.

The only adverse reaction that has been linked to the usage of geranium oil is irritation of the skin.

7. Chamomile essential oil

Because of the sedative and tranquillizing effects that it has, Roman chamomile, also known as Anthemis nobilis, has been used as a multipurpose herbal treatment for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Chamomile oil has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation due to the presence of more than ten active compounds that have been linked to positive health effects. It has also been shown to facilitate or accelerate the healing of wounds.

The essential oil of chamomile, which is believed to be an important herbal therapy, is used for the treatment of a broad variety of skin diseases, such as boils, sunburn, and psoriasis.

8. Eucalyptus essential oil

There is some evidence that eucalyptus essential oil may speed the healing process of sunburns.

It is well known that the evergreen plant known as eucalyptus has been shown that they have an anti-proliferative effect, which is another name for an anti-cancer action, since they stop the spread of malignant cells.

How to use

Because of their concentrated nature and strong odour, essential oils should never be used undiluted on burnt skin. This is due to the oils’ potential for further irritation. To make it less strong and less prone to cause irritation, dilute it first with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, or with a cooling aloe gel. This will make it more gentle on the skin. To achieve this result, combine a few drops of this oil with an unscented lotion, carrier oil, cooling gel, or ointment, and then apply the resulting mixture to the affected area of the skin.

Safety and Precautions

Essential oils should never be swallowed since some of them are harmful.

It is never safe to blend essential oils with water or apply them straight to the skin. Essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil before being applied to the skin, however there are certain exceptions. The typical ratio of essential oil to carrier oil is three to five drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil.


In the event that you have just suffered a little sunburn, you will likely wish to discover some strategies to calm your skin and make it feel better. When treating a sunburn, it is important to exercise caution when using any of the essential oils described above or using any products that include these oils. You may obtain these oils in products that are available without a prescription, or you can make use of them by diluting the pure oils.

Consult your physician for advice on how to use these oils to cure your sunburn in a way that won’t put you in danger. Do not attempt to cure the sunburn on your own, especially if it is more serious; instead, schedule an appointment with a doctor to have it inspected.

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I am Mubashir Ali.I am SEO expert.Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Email: [email protected] Website:

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