Wine Tours in Margaret River: Must-See Wineries

Margaret River’s wineries in Western Australia, known as the world’s most secluded wine areas, are the ideal vacation for any wine enthusiast. Margaret River, three hours south of Perth or a simple five-hour flight from Sydney, is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking vineyards producing world-class Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

With over 200 wineries to taste and savour the flavours of this well-known wine area, these are the greatest Margaret River wine producers that you should include in your wine tours in Margaret River or any wine lover’s bucket list.

Famous Wineries You Must Visit in Margaret River

The river is not only a great vacation destination, but it also produces the majority of Australia’s best wines. It depends on your tastes. You may spend a day tasting wine at one of the bigger producers or discover the latest favourite taste of the smaller speciality farmers.

Aravina Estate

The Aravina Estate label, founded in 2010, is relatively new to the winemaking community at Margaret River. This vineyard, on Thornton Road in Yallingup, was once known as Amberley Estate. The winery featured a delicious selection of whites, reds, and sparkling wines and was designated a 5-star winery. If you’re seeking your next favourite wine, Aravina Estate could be the place to look.

Berry Farm

If you want to do something unique, family-oriented, and exceptional, you must include the Berry Farm in your wine tours in Margaret River. The Berry Farm is well-known for its wines and gourmet fare. In addition to the typical Margaret River varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, the Berry Farm produces sparkling fruit wines, ports, ciders, vinegar, and liqueurs. Their cellar door sells a wide range of gourmet foods, such as handcrafted preserves, dressings, jams, and syrups. Berry Farm produces all of its wines and culinary products.

Wines at Cullen

It was one of the first Margaret River’s wineries, having begun with a tiny plot of planted grapes. Cullen Wines is still primarily a local vineyard, producing top whites and reds. Cullen’s family continues to run the winery. Cullen Wines is well-known for its collection of locally made wines, pet-friendly and family ambience, and timber and rustic granite restaurant that serves a total organic cuisine. Visitors may prolong their trip to Cullen by staying at the Cullen Homestead for an intimate stay overnight.


Consider Flowstone Winery if you’re seeking something off the beaten path. It is a young, tiny vineyard owned by two guys with decades of vineyard knowledge and a passion for delicious, unique wines. The proprietors intend to keep the operation small and local, emphasising wines that thrill and surprise wine enthusiasts. Their wines are created on-site in a shed next to the owners’ home, demonstrating how modest this vineyard is.

Estate of Leeuwin

It is one of the six original Margaret River wine producers. The chateau is on the roads of Steven, right in the centre region of the Margaret River. This domestic ownership and maintained estate is a best-loved of locals, visitors, and wine connoisseurs from over 30 nations. The five outstanding flagship wines from Leeuwin Estate include their best Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Shiraz. Siblings and Prelude are the names of their other wine collections.

Lenton Brae

In 1982, the doors opened at Lenton Brae. It’s on the picturesque road of Caves in the centre of Wilyabrup. This modest regional winery is run and managed by a family. The Lenton Brae site is where they cultivate and press all grapevines and white. The winery is wheelchair accessible, and there is many parking lots for private automobiles and tour buses. Reservations are not required for small parties below ten people for either the wine-tasting or the cellar door activities. Winery excursions and tastings may be arranged for larger parties.

Stella Bella Wines

Stella Bella Wines is the place to go if you’re searching for something refreshing, tiny, and local. It is a modest production of grapevine with a basement door on Rosa Brook Road in Margaret River, near the town centre of Margaret River. Their basement door sells all wines from the five wineries in the surrounding area. Moreover, all of their wine products are made from vineyards cultivated and pressed locally. The label titles are as intriguing as the flavours are delectable.

Vasse Felix

Vasse Felix, the earliest modern-day winery, is lovingly recognised as The Matriarch of the regional vineyards and one of Margaret River’s must-see destinations. Vasse Felix, located on Caves Road in Wilyabrup, has increased in both the number of vines in operation and the number of specialised wines showcasing exclusively accurate mixes of grapes cultivated locally in the region of Margaret River.

Woody Nook Wines

It is tiny, privately-owned, and runs a boutique winery. It is situated on the same land where a sawmill initially stood, on the road of Metricup in Wilyabrup. This famous winery produces a variety of red and white wines, as well as Graciano, Port, Rose, and Tempranillo. At the cellar door, all wines are available at Woody Nook for purchase.


You should not miss visiting Australia without wine tours in Margaret River. The mix of excellent wine tasting, delectable cuisine, and picturesque vineyards is not to be missed. Nearly 100 wineries in the region let tourists into their cellars. Furthermore, stop at the Margaret River Regional Wine Centre for information before exploring the vineyards.

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