5 Ways Of Creating Family Memories

Besides the primary parental responsibilities of loving, caring, and nurturing, mums and dads are also in charge of creating positive and happy memories for their offspring. Capturing those wonderful milestone events and displaying them in beautiful photos arranged in a collection of stylish baby photo albums is the first step to creating memories that are cherished and treasured by all of the family.

Whether you’re an expectant first-time mum, the parent of a brood, or a doting grandparent, there are many things that you can do to create fond and lasting memories for your family, and future generations. Here are 5 of the best ways to be hands-on…

1. Capture Milestone Moments

Making beautiful memories together right from the start is a top priority for families that want to create a lasting legacy. While it can sometimes be difficult and challenging to juggle work and home life, it’s important to make time to capture those one-in-a-lifetime milestone moments of your baby’s growth and development.

To make sure that you don’t miss baby’s ‘firsts’, it’s helpful to have a digital camera or mobile device primed and ready to point and shoot. Snap away and capture an array of images that highlight baby’s first smile or steps. Don’t worry about taking too many photos, as you can delete the duds later on, and select the best shots to feature and show off in your baby photo albums. Adding captions and comments, to each photo on display, will bring the memories to life every time that you view the gorgeous photos of your little one.

While most parents will do a good job of photographing and videoing baby’s first experiences of life, few take the time to record their bundle of joy’s adorable little voice using a digital recorder. To preserve the sound of your baby’s gurgling or laughter, use an app on your phone or a separate device.

2. Child’s Play

It’s not uncommon for adults to be able to recall a happy childhood memory that involves a parent and play. As your baby grows up, it’s essential to make time to spend together lost in the magic of playtime. Connecting with your child through play helps to strengthen your bond and trust, and to build their self-esteem and self-confidence. Your interaction and engagement can also help them explore the world around them, and to practice making decisions and handling their feelings.

Happy times create positive memories for children of all ages. Make time for unstructured – creative, imaginative and exploring – and structured play – storytelling, dance, movement, sports and games. Spontaneous playtime offers plenty of photo opportunities, as well as memories to cherish.

3. Enjoy Family Time

Spending family time together, as your kids get older, can often require a great deal of planning. When your children have their own routines and interests, they may no longer want to hang out with mum or dad. Making an effort to schedule family time every week will reward you all with fond memories to look back on later in life.

Plan some bonding activities to help you reconnect with your family members:

Host a regular family movie night, and take turns picking the movie to watch.

Schedule a family game night, so that you can have fun together playing traditional board games, modern console games and old-fashioned parlour games like charades.

Encourage your kids to express their creativity through art, music, writing, cooking or their favourite interest or hobby.

Host a themed family night once a month, and work as a team to decorate the living room, prepare snacks, drinks and food, and to make dressing up costumes.

It’s also fun to curl up on the sofa and to get out the baby photo albums from time to time, to browse them together. Like most parents, you’ll be amazed by how quickly time has passed now that your baby is fat approaching adulthood.

4. Have Adventures       

Every child is born with an innate spirit of adventure. To foster a love of exploration, and to create great family memories, you don’t even have to spend lots of money or go anywhere.

If you have a garden, set up camp and play explorer. Spend quality time getting up close and personal with nature via gardening. Pack up a tasty picnic and a camera, and explore the local beauty spots on foot. Plan a day trip mystery tour and surprise the family by driving them to a stunning scenic location. On the family holiday, encourage your kids to be adventurous and to try new tastes and experiences.

There are so many excellent and exciting adventure ideas just waiting for you to discover them! Each one comes with the potential to create heart-warming family memories.

5. Create A Family Legacy

It’s important for children to know that they play an important part in your family’s legacy. By preserving old photographs in a collection of photo albums you have instant access to previous generations. Sharing the images and stories about your family background, history and heritage with your children will enable you to keep the legacy alive.

Revisiting your treasured baby photo albums may even inspire you to research your family tree, and to connect with relatives that you’ve lost touch with. Visiting extended family members gives you an opportunity to ask them to share childhood stories and memories that you can record digitally to pass on to future generations.

Usman Zaka
Author: Usman Zaka

I have been in the marketing industry for 5 years and have a good amount of experience working with companies to help them grow their social media presence. My expertise is content creation and management, as well as social media strategy. I'm also an expert at SEO, PPC, and email marketing.

About Usman Zaka

I have been in the marketing industry for 5 years and have a good amount of experience working with companies to help them grow their social media presence. My expertise is content creation and management, as well as social media strategy. I'm also an expert at SEO, PPC, and email marketing.

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