Professions That Can Disappear

Today we live in a digital world. The influence on our life from the latest technologies can not be unseen. Devices allow us to stay connected to the world’s information 24/7 during the year. Moreover, they allow us to visit many fantastic places without being there. So you can gamble at a real online casino in the South Africa by staying at home or visiting the pyramids in Giza, etc.

     With the use of artificial intellect, many professions might disappear. Why? Artificial intellect uses all information and in my ways faster than people. It was especially found in the art industry and creative works. But will neural networks take away creative work from people? And if neural networks are connected to the human brain? And if neural networks are connected to a quantum computer that can implement strong AI and become aware of itself, then we will not exist at all. Or is it not?

Creative Professions

      It’s a question of qualification. The creative professions of the technical level of neural networks will apparently master sooner or later. Let’s say that the digital art generated by neural networks now surpasses the level of amateur artists. For example, it can be safely used as illustrations where necessary.

     However, creativity par excellence is always a sphere of human activity. The creativity of neural networks can only be appropriate where it performs a technical, auxiliary function as in the case of illustrations for a literary work.

     As for the script for a movie or game, this is an intermediate area. In many films/series/games, it really performs a technical function, and in this case, the neural network will cope with writing it. If not now, then in the near future. In the same place where the script is the basis, a person will always be needed.

Lack Of Professions

      Another question is whether this will significantly reduce the demand for the profession as such because most screenwriters are engaged in projects at a technical level. Moreover, it is also a springboard for more serious heights. Blogging, indie projects, and, in general, work to recruit your own audience will apparently turn into such a springboard in the future. That is the area where the focus is on the personality of the author and communication with the audience and not on the level of work. Neural networks can surpass it in terms of the level, but personal communication will never be replaced.

     Quantum neural networks are still mostly a theoretical concept, there are no serious practical developments in this area. As for the possibility of the emergence of strong AI, this is generally the key question of the next century, on the answer to which the entire future fate of mankind, and not just the fate of individual professions, actually depends.

     In conclusion, it has always been like that. Some professions disappeared, and some new ones happened to conquer the world. Though, in the case of artificial intellect, it is another question. In the case of using it in business, it will definitely be useful. But What shall other people do then?

Cheryl Salinas
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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

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