Ron Howard Shoots Down Speculation of a Sequel for “Star Wars” Spinoff “Solo”

It should have been one of the biggest movies of 2018. With an exciting young cast and a production directed by Ron Howard (Far and Away, Parenthood), it felt like the Star Wars spinoff movie Solo was destined for even more adventures than what moviegoers saw on the screen. Instead, a film which was intended by Disney Big Wheels as a franchise-within-a-franchise went the way of Waterworld and Ishtar as a seemingly unwanted chapter in the never-ending Star Wars saga. Recently fans of that galaxy far, far away have taken up the cause of stirring the proverbial Disney pot in the hopes of finally bringing back Aldren Ehrenreich and Donald Glover back as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian respectively. That ain’t gonna happen, according to Solo director Ron Howard.

 As reported on by our Peter Cushing admirers over at Variety, Ron Howard has addressed the possibility of a Solo sequel to any fans out there awaiting such a mythical creature. The film scored a hefty $392 millioin dollars around the globe which, while nothing to sneeze at, fell far below what the bean counters at Disney were hoping for.

 “The only discussion that I’m aware of about a sequel for ‘Solo’ is coming from the fans at this point,” Howard elaborated in a recent interview. “I don’t think it’s a Lucasfilm priority, as I understand it. But there’s some great characters launched, and the folks from Lucasfilm love the fans and really do listen so I would never say never — but I’m not aware of any concrete plans right now to extend the story or deal with that particular set of characters.”

So exactly how did a franchise which is celebrated by Hollywood accountants as a cerifiable money-making machine fail to capture the audience’s attention when it was released back in May of ‘18? Howard admitted to being disappointed about the less than stellar box-office before getting a little philosophical on the matter.

“It made a lot of money, it just didn’t live up to expectations,” Howard said defending the film and his directing of it. “I came in eager to help, felt like I could, and had a blast. Normally it takes three years, I worked eight months and had an experience. I feel very good about the way it turned out. I loved the way it played to audiences, which I witnessed. All of that I am able to feel good about…Maybe it’s the idea that it’s too nostalgic. That going back and revisiting an origin story for a beloved character may not be what the fans were looking for.”

Solo was an enjoyable romp through the Star Wars universe and it’s too bad it failed to work for some audiences. With television suddenly becoming a hot property for George Lucas’ franchise, perhaps we’ll at least see Ehrenreich and Glover reprise their roles on the small screen?

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