In a New Move, Netflix Begins Offering Fitness Content for Viewers

If you’re anything like us, the holidays are a time for gathering with family, presenting gifts to loved ones and taking stock in all that we have even as we begin to look forward to a New Year. Of course if you’re also like us and milliions of other folks, this season is also inadvertently about indulging a wee bit too much in some of the finer foods and drink as we get our festivities on; goodbye svelte waistline, hello baggy and adjustable jogging pants.

 Just in time for all of those iron-clad New Years Resolutions comes the news from our Charles Atlas pals over at The Hollywood Reporter that streaming behemoth Netflix is eschewing their usual release schedule of big-budgeted movies and far-flung television trifles to bring to viewers – both healthy and not – a whole slew of Nike (“Just Do It”) fitness content guaranteed to keep that bully at the beach from kicking sand in your faces.

 This expedition into Gold’s Gym territory is being spearheaded by Netflix in the never-ending quest to bring in mythical new subscribers as well as keeping those who already are a part of the Netflix family “engaged.”

 Knowing that we’ll all be suffering from a tremendous tidal wave of eater’s remorse as we gaze deer-like into the headlights which are empty pizza boxes and various and sundry cartons of ice cream (yes Dear and Constant Reader, cartons; I’m weak…), Netflix has appropriately enough scheduled the premiere of their Nike-partnered fitness videos to drop on December 30. In all, a total of ninety workout videos totaling a muscle-aching 30 hours will be on hand to chastize us for our chronic inability to put down our dearly-loved order of Crazy Bread and to – hopefully – whip us into Sylvester Stallone/Rocky IV shape.

 Netflix is not the first streaming platform to catch wise to a potentially untapped audience of folks wanting to physically pull themselves up by their respective boot-straps: Apple+ has already dipped their big toe into these healing waters with their own style of workout videos, as has Amazon Prime.

 Leading this charge into the Promised Land of biceps and ripped pecs will be none other than the far-famed Nike Training Club which is commandeered by Nike’s own personal trainers. Reportedly these exercises will  not require any sort of equipment, so no excuses to any of us (Ahem. Me.) who might have fallen off of the physical fitness horse, albeit temporarily.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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