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Ranking Every Episode Of Season 1 Of ‘The Adventures Of Pete & Pete’

As one year becomes another, I am going to indulge for a few weeks. The next show I am going to review episode-by-episode, season-by-season? The Adventures of Pete & Pete. This is, to me, the top Nickelodeon show of all time. It’s one that is still good to me, even as an adult. I don’t say that out of nostalgia. I think it’s actually a quality show. The first season had eight episodes, but there were five “specials” before that. Those are also on the first-season DVD. Thus, I am going to do all 13 episodes in this ranking. Seasons two and three are both 13 episodes long, so that makes it all nice and even as well.

13. “Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas”

12. “King of the Road”

11. “Apocalypse Pete”

10. “Tool and Die”

9. “Day of the Dot”

8. “Valentine’s Day Massacre”

7. “New Year’s Pete”

6. “What We Did On Our Summer Vacation”

5. “Don’t Tread on Pete”

4. “When Petes Collide”

3. “The Nightcrawlers”

2. “Rangeboy”

1. “Hard Day’s Pete”

All in all, solid stuff. Now, the top five episodes are all from the first season. The top special on the list is “What We Did On Our Summer Vacation,” which iconically features Michael Stipe and Captain Scrummy, the Sludgsicle peddler. There are some delightful episodes on here, and some great jokes. Pete & Pete stood out for being esoteric and not just doing your typical jokes for kids. On the other hand, “Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas” features an actual alien, which is weird.

If we think of this as a season of TV, it’s quite a good one. For a show on Nickelodeon, ostensibly for kids primarily, it’s particularly impressive. Pete & Pete didn’t talk down to kids, which is how it is able to still often entertain me as an adult.

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