Does Vehicle Car Cover Protect From Sun?

Cars are not only expensive but also the most lovable thing, and keeping them protected is an essential task. Many people think it is challenging, but it is not impossible. Just like humans, cars are also affected by the sun’s UV radiation. They are not only exposed to sunlight while in use but also when parked. 

There are many ways to protect your car from sunlight, like a cover from Coverland Car Covers, but before discussing them, it’s time to know how horribly UV radiations affect your vehicle. So, bear with me. 

Horrible Effects Of UV Radiations On Your Car

  • The first thing that will get the worst effect is your car’s paint. The rays damage the color if your vehicle is too exposed to the sun. If your car has a dark color like black, blue, or maroon, it will absorb more sunlight and so be more susceptible to damage. 
  • Plastic components are the next biggest parts exposed to sun rays. It includes roof racks, trims, bumpers, and even headlights due to oxidization. Headlights are specially designed to provide clear light and protection by using clear coats. But time fades it away, and if the car is exposed to sun rays, it will cause light to become foggy and cloudy.
  • Moreover, due to exposure to sunlight and heat buildup, the dashboard gets heated up, and then you will see cracks that deform its structure. 
  • Exposure to sun rays causes drying of the natural oils, which are the reason for the smoothness and flexibility of leather. Thus firstly, the fabric material gets wrinkled, the color fades out, and the leather seats begin to crack. The only way to save yourself from sitting on hard and uncomfortable seats is to get them replaceable with the new one. 
  • The ultraviolet rays damage the belts and hoses, making them crack and detach.
  • The tire also gets affected due to sun rays; the heat causes higher pressure in the tire to make it inflate and increase the risk of a blowout. 
  • The car absorbs heat which causes a rise in internal temperature. Thus, the oil, coolant, and transmission fluid evaporate, and this lower level of lubricants wear out the different parts of the car. 

How To Protect Cars From Sun Rays?

Everyone should be in dire need of knowing the answer to this vital query. Here are some common and quick ways to save your vehicles from harmful rays. 

  • Park your car in a garage (if you have one)
  • Waxing your car
  • Wash it regularly
  • Tint a car door window
  • Protect the windshield from sun rays by using a sunshade. 

Does Vehicle Car Cover Protect From Sun Outside 

A car cover is something that you consider the most significant alternative to a garage because not everyone has it to park cars. Thus to protect a car or any other vehicle like trucks, vans, jeeps, bicycles, and even boats and ship everything, you need a cover. 

Boat and Bike Cycling Reviews told us that every vehicle needs a cover to protect from ultraviolet rays. But purchasing a car cover without any research causes big trouble not only for your pocket but also for your car’s health. 

So, there are some points that you should consider while purchasing one for your car like

  • Does the car cover offer 100% heat and UV protection? 
  • Is it waterproof to protect the car in harsh weather conditions? 
  • Does the cover protect your car from scratches? 
  • Does it protect the car in snow, hailstorm, and windstorm?
  • Is it damp-proof, abrasion-proof, and anti-dust? 
  • Does it offer an anti-theft feature?
  • Is the car cover customizable?
  • Is it breathable to prevent moisture buildup?
  • Does it come with a lifetime warranty?
  • Is it affordable and has quality material?

Checking all these points while purchasing a cover is tricky and time-consuming because there are only a few manufacturers who offer such quality covers with so many features. One such manufacturer is Coverland which offers quality material with easy shipping within a set time all over the world. 

Their car covers provide 100% protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and increase the life of your car. These waterproof covers are best for all types of harsh weather conditions. As they are customizable, you can choose one for your vehicle according to its size and style. They are breathable, so they protect the car from moisture and rust. 

The best part is their price; these car covers will not put any pressure on your pocket, so anyone can buy them for their car.


Does vehicle car cover protect from sun? I hope now you have enough information to protect your car from damaging ultraviolet rays. Though other methods are also suitable, a car cover is the best solution as it not only protects from sun rays or heat but also from a number of other threats.

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