A Completely Random List of Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2023

While the year 2022 still has a few days of fight left in it, we thought we’d take a moment to share with our readers a handful of seemingly random and altogether odd-ball movies that we’re frankly dying to check out when they finally land in multiplexes the world over in 2023. So hold onto your leftover tinsel and wrapping paper and indulge us as we peel back the 2023 pop culture curtain and take a quick glance at some of the celluloid offerings winging our way in the next twelve months or so…


Here at Vents, we’re card-carrying members of the Martin Scorsese Fan Club. We’ve yet to meet a Scorsese flick we don’t like: Mean Streets, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, After Hours, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, The Aviator, The Departed, The Age of Innocence and The Irishman are just a few of this auteur we count as favorites. This means that we’re all-aboard Killers of the Flower Moon. This upcoming long-gestating movie is based off of a real-life crime from the 1920s and features such Scorses mainstays as Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jesse Pinkman. The Shutter Island helmer’s so-called “off-movies” are generally better than most director’s best movies, so you can better believe that we’ll be standing in line on opening day (May 2023, by the way) for this one. Bonus points, too, for the casting of a longtime fave in the form of actress Sheila Tousey of Silent Tongue fame

  ‘Salem’s Lot

Remember the “Desert Island Game”? The premise is simple enough in that you’re always asked which five favorite albums, books or movies you might like to have with you if stranded on a deserted island. If hard-pressed about the book category, I would always choose Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot, a tale of vampires run amok in a small New England town. The characters are so well drawn and King does such an excellent job of creating a sense of dread and impending doom that we don’t even question the existence of these nefarious blood-suckers. 

Director Gary Dauberman’s big screen take on that novel (the third such adaptation in its nearly fifty year existence) has been completed for some time and has been cooling its well-fanged heels for a release date due to the recent merger of Discovery and Warner Bros. It looks like 2023 is the year audiences will finally discover if the wait was worth it. As longtime fans, we’ve been down this road before with Ben Mears and Co., and its always ends with bitter tears of disappointment; try as they might, no director has ever appropriately nailed the tone of that 1975 opus by King. Will this outing prove to do the trick, or will a – GROAN! -fourth adaptation be needed? We’ll find out later in ‘23 (probably in the fall; Warner-Discovery has yet to officially announce a release date).

Guns III: Alias Billy the Kid

Speaking of long waits, here’s a sequel we didn’t even know we needed when we walked out of the theatre back in 1990 after plunking down our allowance money for Young Guns II, the supposedly concluding chapter of the story of outlaw Billy the Kid. But now that lead actor Emilio Estevez and Guns guru and wordsmith John Fusco have confirmed a third and final act, we gotta bashfully admit that we’re ready to saddle up for Guns III: Alias Billy the Kid. We’ve run an article or three on this upcoming Western and for a brief and golden moment it looked as if we’d all be twirling our cap gun six-shooters in 2022. That release date obviously never happened, but the third chapter in this unlikeliest of trilogys is still slated for release, presumably for the latter-half of 2023. Keep checking in with us on this one, fellow Regulators – Hopefully ‘23 is the year we see Estevez, Phillips, Slater and a few others close the book on this celebrated band of outlaws.


Outside of Steven Spielberg, there’s no living director who can as successfully tap into the zeitgeist of the 1940s and the whole World War II era quite like Christopher Nolan. Don’t believe us? Get ye to your local Blockbuster ASAP (or, y’know, sans that the whole streaming thing – SIGH.) and check out his tour de force bit of directing in Dunkirk. Nolan has the tone of that tumultuous and celebrated decade down cold, which makes his upcoming film Oppenheimer – the story of atom bomb creator J. Robert Oppenheimer – all the more exciting and anticipated. Will Nolan be able to pull off both an entertaining and informing piece of filmmaking without becoming too editorial and preachy? It’s a fine line he’s walking, but with an unbelievable cast which includes the likes of Cillian Murphy and Matt Damon, we’re anxious to find out!

 That’s a four film sampling of what we’re anxious to view come 2023, Dear and Constant Reader. And while we’re excited about this quadrilogy of celluloid, we’re hoping that there’ll be a plethora of other cinematic gems which we’ll be just as enthused about when it’s all said and done; Here’s to 2023 and all of our collective love for the big screen!

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