Fadie Musallet
Fadie Musallet

Dubai Bling’s Fadie Musallet Reveals What’s More Important to Him – Popularity or Money!

One of the most well-known figures in Dubai’s business and entertainment circles is Fadie Musallet. He has managed several businesses, including planning some of the biggest celebrity events. Fadie, who organised the world’s largest concert for Kiss 2020 Goodbye, recently had an appearance in the hit Netflix series Dubai Bling. 

Fadie is a determined philanthropist who has backed various important initiatives, such as The Giving Family. He is very giving and strives to make a difference. Fadie wants to work with the UN and the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund and provide as much support as possible. The Dubai-based philanthropist wants The Giving Family, his nonprofit organisation, to expand worldwide, including in the United Arab Emirates. With little help he can offer, he tries to make the less privileged happy.

The entrepreneur was born in Florida and moved to Dubai years ago to build a living for himself. He stepped out of his comfort zone and made a mark in the business world. When asked what he loves about Dubai, Fadie revealed, “Safety and Food. I have to admit it’s the safest place in the world. And the food is out of this world. No place in the world has better food quality. Thhe service is 5 stars, no matter where you go. “

After Dubai Blind, Fadie Musallet became a trusted and renowned name outside Dubai. He shared, “I went to Maldives, Paris, Palestine and so many people approached me because of the show. I did build a lot of fresh fans all over the world outside of the GCC region.”

Fadie was asked what was more important to him – popularity or money. The entrepreneur gave a very thrilling answer. He stated, “Neither! I believe in being a good person. By being a good person the popularity comes and when the popularity comes the money follows!! @thegivingfamily is something I started and something close to my heart. Giving is living and that’s more than money or popularity to me!”

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