New Music Alert | Big Willie B drops a Banger with Hit single ‘Fastlane’ featuring Ace Lex

Jackson, Tenn veteran Big Willie B is back at it, but this time, he has the Sexy Songstress Ace Lex riding shotgun. Just two months ago, Big Willie B shook airwaves and the party scene with his infectious anthem, ‘It’s Going Down Tonight. If you thought that was crunk, ‘Fastlane’ should be considered the prelude to a quiet storm.

Fastlane, written and produced by legendary hitmaker Darin “D-Roc” James is the answer to what’s missing in the industry. From the opening note,  listeners find themselves paralyze by Ace Lex’s Memphis dialect, – sweet, sexy and bossy. Ace Lex, a true singer/songwriter really steps into the Bonnie and Clyde bravado on the track, and it comes so naturally. It’s what every man wants, and every woman desires, to live life in the ‘Fastlane.  Big Wilie B, fits the bill with his southern laid back flow which compliments Ace Lex’s rich layered vocals.  Big Willie B’s smooth flow, timely delivery and playeristic mindset makes the track come together as the duo relish in the spoils of a true commitment. ‘Fastlane’ is a contagious relationship track that picks you up and takes you there.

When D-Roc wrote ‘Fastlane’, he knew he needed the right singer for the track, and wall willing to wait until the perfect match came along. Through label mate Big Willie B, who introduced Ace Lex to Stinger Boy Entertainment, a late night studio session was all it took. From Ace Lex Memphis slang, to the way she sings, it was an instant connection, and D-Roc knew he had found the voice to fit the track.

The visuals exceed all expectations! The short story begins with Ace Lex dressed to kill approaching an exchange with a bag! Upon asking, “You got My Money”? As the handler replied, the exchange was made and Ace struts to the waiting car with Big Willie B behind the wheel. As the two ride off into the city lights, they tell a story about love, commitment and being addicted to every minute of it.

As of recently, the movement out of Memphis has the ears of the industry, and with Stinger Boy Entertainment and Big Willie B, Nashville will begin to get their well deserved respect. ‘Fastlane’ featuring Ace Lex is ignitor that will set ablaze a new wave of sound and style that is sure to captivate many~


Big Willie B feat. Ace Lex

Song Run Time: 3:48

Video Run time: 4:23

Producer: Darin “D-Roc” James

Written: Darin “D-Roc” James, Willie Brown, Keri Greene and Alexus Smith

Visuals Directed By: Lance Goodman



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