Eric Spofford is an Unstoppable Force Focused On The Future

SALEM, New Hampshire – A notable public speaker, author, and the Small Business Administration’s pick for Young Entrepreneur in the Year 2018, Eric Spofford achieved success founding addiction treatment businesses on the east coast. Inspired by his own struggles with addiction, Spofford expanded his business to be the biggest provider of addiction treatment services in New England, later selling it in 2021 for over 9 figures. 

A public speaker and industry leader, Eric provided indispensable insight into the field of opioid addiction and even testified before the US Senate regarding the topic. Over sixteen years sober, getting where he is now was hardly a walk in the park.

The 37-year-old entrepreneur shows an undefeatable spirit, in everything he does. In addition to building more addiction treatment centers, Eric has turned his focus to venture capital, real estate, and coaching services through his firm Spofford Enterprises, which manages a mixed portfolio of multi-family and commercial properties.

Applying Pressure to Achieve Greater Success

Pulling himself from the depths of addiction, having dropped out of high school by this point, and achieved recovery in 2006 through staunch determination. Fostering his unique perspective as a patient in treatment, Eric applied this knowledge to establishing the systems that would become instrumental in building Granite Recovery Center. 

At Granite Recovery, Eric showed an awareness of all of the pain and vulnerability that comes with addiction. With an understanding of the situation of a patient in treatment, Spofford gave special attention to the most serious of cases, offering a comprehensive treatment far beyond the bounds of other addiction treatment centers. 

In fostering a drive that was mainly propelled by determination and dynamism, Spofford dedicated special attention to the patients at Granite Recovery which culminated in the business becoming the biggest provider of addiction recovery services in New England. Eric recently sold Granite in an impressive 9-figure deal with company Baymark, which expanded Granite’s residential treatment facilities.

Spofford’s Future in the Industry

Moving on from Granite Recovery, Spofford is now seeking new horizons to break with his firm Spofford Enterprises. As he enjoys the spoils of his success, he still commits a great deal of energy toward personal growth and a greater understanding for others. “You have to understand that you don’t know everything and others have a great potential to teach,” Spofford says. “Otherwise you’ll never improve. So I urge everybody to listen and be receptive of others, whether it’s someone who has a lot or has very little.”

Making great strides in VC, commercial and multi-family property investment, Spofford shows a determination to never give up. Whether an obstacle presents itself, Spofford uses a keen understanding of all factors to navigate, prepared to further develop the skills needed to thrive in any market or industry.

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