Get To Know Carsn. And His Latest Singles “General Gentleman” & “Rip Away”

Up-and-coming contemporary music artist Carsn. is preparing to drop some new songs, meanwhile the audience can enjoy his already released singles “General Gentleman” and “Rip Away”, both of which have amassed hundreds upon thousands of streams in no time. With a unique sound and a charismatic presence, Carsn.’s music has the power to lift the mood and make the listener feel better! We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the artist about his music and latest releases. Enjoy the read!

Thanks so much for taking the time, Carsn.! Let’s dive right into the mystery behind your stage name. How did you come up with it and why does it signify?

My first name is Carson; therefore, I dropped the O off in my first name for 2 reasons… The first reason is because I feel that I’m never “off” in a creative sense or mind. I’m always creating. And the second because it just looks better to the eye in my opinion, and more simplistic. 

Tell us a bit about how you were first introduced to the music scene and your connection to Lil Wayne’s famous 2008 album “The Carter III”.

I was first introduced to Lil Wayne through my brother, who was a little bit older than me at the time. After he played The Carter III, I instantly fell in love with rap music, and music in general. I remember I would write Lil Wayne’s lyrics down, studying his rhyme schemes and the way he flows. I would also draw his album covers and replicate them to hang on my wall. This helped introduce me to other genres later on, and I would do the same thing with my other favourite artists, which is why I believe I have such a diverse taste in music and art.

We really enjoyed the unique sound you’ve created, especially in “General Gentleman”. What is this song about and what message do you hope people will take away from it?

The song is about being a General or in other words being a boss, but all while also being a gentleman at the same time. Its saying in a way, that during the process of reaching a higher top tier status, you should treat others as a gentleman would. Throughout the song I talk about my experience with this in the form of a past relationship. I envisioned this song being played in a club or in the bar scene when I made it, I wanted to keep it more upbeat.

Speaking of your sound, how do you define your subgenre? And how did you arrive at such a stunning style?

I would describe my type of music as southern pop/hip-hop mixed with some alternative. I like making all types of music and try not to confine myself to one genre. I think I got to this point by the diverse type of music I listen to.

We’ve heard that you’re already a college graduate, and even now, while working on your music, you attend school full-time. Is that true? What degree are you pursuing now? How difficult is it to combine these passions of yours?

This is true. It’s tough to say right now what I want to do full time, but one thing I do know is I want to continue to make music and create. If I can’t create, I’m lost. It’s never about the money for me, it’s about trying to do what I love, and I think for a long time this will be music. 

Going into 2023, what are some of your most ambitious goals music-wise? Any plans fans should know about?

I want to collaborate with other artists, be able to make it into a studio where I don’t have to mix/master my own work, and I want to put out a full project at the start of 2023. I have an album I’ve been working on for a year now, and I want to be able to put it out and for it to do well. I plan to release this at the start of 2023. The more I’m creating, the better I notice myself getting, and I want to continue on this track. 

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