Salvione Answers Quickfire Questions About His Favorites, Inspirations and Shares Some Advice

DJ and music production whiz Salvione is a name to follow closely. His hard-hitting productions that have already being supported by the likes of Roger Sanchez, Steve Bug and Christien Nielsen, have also gotten him the opportunities to perform at top venues in the US like Cielo, Pacha, and Avant Gardner. 

With an eclectic and unique sound that perfectly blends House, Funk and Tech, his musical journey has only just begun, as he promises to keep powerful bangers coming and stunning performances happening at a constant basis. For now, we sat down with Salvione to ask him some quickfire questions and learn more about him.  

Analog or digital? 

Analog. There’s something about the warmth, character, and harmonics that come from the circuits that can’t be truly replicated with digital although companies are definitely starting to get close.  

Favorite festival or venue? 

Amsterdam Dance Event – I love how the whole industry comes together in one place. Plus, I love to geek out and learn new things at the conference.  Business during the day, party at night. What more could you want? 

Dream collaboration? 

Cory Henry – He is one of the best piano players on the planet. I always had a vision to do a live performance with me laying down drums and such electronically live while he riffed and crushed it over the top.  

Favorite studio equipment? 

Moog Siren – I use it for the bass in almost every track and some leads. It’s small but mighty. 

Saturdays or Sundays? 

Sundays. It’s all about relaxing and mentally preparing for the week ahead. Plus, growing up in an Italian household, who doesn’t love a Sunday pasta dinner with the whole family coming together, laughing and talking over each other.  

Last thing you learned? 

How to edit in Adobe After Effects. You really do have to wear multiple hats as a DJ/Producer these days and that includes creating and editing content.  

Favorite song ever? 

Way too hard to pick just one. That would be like having to pick a favorite child or something like that.  

Biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s the one who showed me that you can do anything in life with hard work and dedication. She once said you can be anything you want in life just don’t be outworked. I wouldn’t be where I am in my life or career if it wasn’t for her.  

Best personal quality? 

My discipline. When I put my mind to something and say I am going to do it. That’s it. I do it. Even if that is waking up at 5am to get in the studio and make music before work.  

Any advice to give? 

Never give up! There’s going to be rejection. The track you loved isn’t going to get signed. The email you’re really excited to send will go unanswered. You won’t get that gig you really wanted. But there’s always something to be learned and you learn more from a loss than you do a win. It can be hard because people only show you their wins, especially with social media. It’s easy to think these big names just show up in the studio and make a top 100 banger every time but they don’t. At the end of the year, everyone likes to show their successes for the year. How their tracks did. How many listeners they had etc. Let’s normalize sharing your failures too. How many tracks you sent out that got rejected or how many you started but didn’t finish etc. It’s all part of the process, everyone goes through it whether they show it or not so if you really want this, just keep pushing! 

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