rgb Is Gaining Popularity With His Latest Release “tell me what u want”

Los Angles based singer songwriter rgb is on the verge of a two year successful and inspiring music career that began at the end of 2020 with the release of “Moon Cheese”. Since then the artist has released a dozen of singles including the last rgb, soul track “tell me what u want” on 4th November.

rgb makes distinctive music that spans several genres using self-taught techniques and years of experience. His music delivers a fresh outlook on life while engaging with listeners through relevant stories by fusing expertly produced lyrics and distinctive melodies. As he combines the sounds of Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Electronic to create unique and compelling songs, rgb’s catalog exhibits enormous versatility.

“tell me what you want” is a song that deals with personal feelings. rgb sings with clarity and openness. He doesn’t shout a lot and also doesn’t fly in all directions. He is smart and professional and not to mention his delivery of emotions comes straight from the heart.

The composition stands out strongly in all parts of this 3 min 13 sec song. The minor descending key matches brilliantly with the flow of the rhythms and melodies. There are several phases of the song that resonates with different instrumental melody, along with vocal delivery and background humming melody to expose the inner feelings. And finally, what a brilliant lyrics!

I could tell you what I want

If I fight my fears

Gucci head scarf just to wipe my tears

Not to be dramatic

But if she likes my adlibs

Ima have to hit the breaks on my bike right here

And that’s the part where the rap delivery begins, and changes the atmosphere of the song. Overall, any pair of ears is bound to engage with this single as soon as listening to it.

rgb always had a profound love for music from a very early age. In his childhood, he learned to play classical piano and from that, he raised his curiosity to study jazz piano. He spent his childhood both in San Francisco and Washington DC.

As a result, rgb had the opportunity to explore a wide range of cultures that fueled the foundation of his creativity. It’s important for artists to experience different locations and cultures. The world is a vast place with endless sources of inspiration. Since rgb moved around the United States as a youngster, he has the firsthand experience that he uses to inspire writing his songs.

Starting from classical piano to jazz, rgb is now settled on the soul, hip-hop, r&b, and electronic music with powerful improvisation skills. One of his singles “Diamond

Eyes” is currently streaming over 100k times on Spotify alone.

Dialect_Z, nørth_lord, Kid April, 4-Tress, Bayler, Mowen$, CLNTN, and Zoe Hines are some of the collaborations you will find in rgb’s songs. rnb has already become an uprising musician in the USA. Releases like “tell me what you want” will surely torch the way to the height of global success.

Listen to “tell me what u want” on Spotify here:



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