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Paul Lewis & Romeo Rage release album, “Sky’s Rust”

Do you love the beautiful sounds of David Bowie and Prince? Of course you do and that’s why we’re so excited to bring you this new album from Paul Lewis & Romeo Rage, “Sky’s Rust”. 

Man, when we said the influences are uncanny, are they really playing along the lines of their visions. The lines are essentially blurred between theatrical, rebellious, freaky and provocative. Paul Lewis is able to combine his eclectic vocal and his guitar skills and style to create a sum of great parts.

Paul Lewis is off the wall when it comes to the creative process and we’re so excited to share with you a bit about him and the album. He’s the type of person to truly dedicate his time and passion to what he loves.

But, let’s get to Romeo Rage now.

“Romeo Rage is what happens when two guys boldly blur several genres and marry West Coast riffs with East Coast edge. The result is a sort of controlled chaos that makes for a unique audio journey,” comments John Sanders.

From The Artist

“The pandemic shook the world and affected everything that I do, so out of that came most of these tunes. Some of them I had written and hadn’t done anything with until this new idea came. I’ve always wanted to play edgier and darker material yet still having a pop sensibility about the tunes. I found some amazing musicians to play with and now we are ready to bring it.” – Paul Lewis

On his songwriting and lyrical approach, Paul adds: “Some of the tunes have been based on dreams. Lyrically especially. Some are based on a turning point in my life where I had to decide if I was even going to start a whole new project. I had already written half of the tunes and then while scoring a film I was inspired even more and just kept writing. I’m feeling very satisfied and if success is upon creation…then I’m there, “ adds Paul. 

Check out Paul Lewis & Romeo Rage’s new album, “Sky’s Rust” by following the link below. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. We can nearly guarantee that you will have a few words to say after listening to it all. If you don’t, damn.

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