Benefits of a standing desk

Whether you work form of home or have a separate office, you always need a desk to place your computer screens and other office essentials, so it is necessary to select a desk that provides great utility in terms of space and health benefits. People usually don’t think about these factors and simply go to the market and buy a desk or a chair for their office regardless of their suitable usage and the type of usage they want. A standing desk may be one of the best tools in the office that will take care of your health and help you utilise the space. There is a huge ratio of people who work by sitting in their offices or even at home, and there might be 10% of the ratio of people who are concerned about their health and prefer to work while standing. Although it is not good to stand all day while working, you will need to maintain a balance between the schedule for your sit-stand in the office. In this article, I will cover the benefits of using a standing desk for working in the office or at home. Let’s get straight into this.

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is basically a desk like normal desks but the difference it is designed in a way which allows you to stand with comfort and firmly while working. These desks are also known as a stand-up desk. You may have seen these desks in movies, where the crime planner by using this type of desk talks about his plan while moving around the table. If you could relate to that, these desks are the same ones which you can also use in your office or home.

The modern version of these desks is adjustable; you may adjust the desk height while sitting or sitting. People call these desks adjustable desks since they are fully flexible.

When should I use my standing desk?

This is another interesting question since this tool is also fascinating, so here is the answer. For instance, if you spend 5 hours in your office so you should spend 1 to 1.5 hours while standing for this duration to maintain the balance as working while can increase your productivity and resultantly you produce great results.

Can I use the standing all day?

Well, it is not recommended to stand all day while working by using your standings desk, as it will tighten your muscles and cause strain in the muscles. Maintaining the schedule of standing and sitting so you could get some rest and remain active during your working hours.

Is a standing desk best for back pain?

Well yes, this desk is beneficial for back pain. Consistent use of this type of desk can improve your standing posture and spine pain. As this desk applies less pressure to your neck and bottom of the back, nevertheless this is not a complete treatment of the back pain. But if you have minor pain issues, you may see the difference over the period. People also like to buy an L shaped standing desk which may also suit you. Remember you need to be comfortable and select the only furniture that relaxes you.

Benefits of using a standing desk for working:

These are the benefits of using stand-up desks while working, if you are looking for a reliable working tool for the office and home, these benefits may help you to make up your mind.

  • Prevent the risk of heart disease: Now this may sound a little astounding, but it can prevent heart disease, so yes standing is far better than sitting while working. This research says that sitting for a longer period in one place can cause heart disease in your body. There is a consensus of all medical experts, that standing while working for a certain time is undoubtedly beneficial for health and people who value their health practise this religiously.
  • Standing maintains the blood and sugar level: This is a scientific fact the more your body your blood and sugar level produces after having a meal, the more you are prone to health risks. People who have diabetes of type 2 will think it is true. Practical research was conducted in the office which shows that 9 workers stand for about 170 minutes after lunchtime and then again researchers calculate their blood and sugar levels, so they came to know, their blood and sugar were significantly decreased. So, now should also think about this. If you are serious about your life and health, you should surly take advantage of this desk.
  • Reduce back pain: If you have back pain, then this desk is for you, this may be an ideal choice for you if you stand during your working hours. Since this desk will make you habitual of standing and resultantly this will help you to adjust your body posture. If you read the user manual, there is complete detail on how to stand which significantly reduces back pain. People who were struggling with this issue got improvement in their pain. You can also try this desk for your pain.
  • Standing with a desk improves your mood and productivity: Well, there will be a positive influence on your body. The 80% of the office workers who are observant of this claim, tells this tool helps to freshen up their mood. Since it is important to be happy and energetic, you can easily do that. Simply connect the music with the device on an average voice and enjoy the music while working. Most people dance a little while working to stay energetic and productive at the same time. If you prefer to enjoy even when working, so try out this standing desk which may give you that liberty.


Now is the time to take a stand for your health. No matter, what type of work you do. You should always provide comfort to yourself. Since when you feel comfortable, you will be able to become more productive and focused on your work. You can take a stand by simply starting to purchase furniture that could potentially provide ease and be beneficial for physical health simultaneously so you could appear more productive and happy towards your tasks.

Cheryl Salinas
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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

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