How did Andrew Tate make his money: plus, how to make $1500 daily online?

Andrew Tate biography and lifestyle 

Maybe you have come across one of Andrew Tate’s videos on YouTube or even tiktok and other social media platform and you are wondering who this guy is and what does he do for a living and how does he earn so much money to afford a very luxurious lifestyles; because this guy we are talking about owns a Yacht , owns a jet, he owns mansion and he even over 28 super cars including the expensive 5 million dollar Bugatti Chiron which he bought alongside a $450,000 Bugatti watch. In fact, it was said that there are only 60 of those cars and Andrew Tate is the owner of one, also the Bugatti watch he also bought was made alongside the car and each watch took 9 months to manufacture. The watch actually has a Bugatti shape and it actually contains a Bugatti engine. Let’s cut the fluff and get to know what Andrew Tate does for a living, his net worth and also in this article I will be revealing a secret training that will teach you how to make $1500 or more daily from a simple online business that is easy to set up.  Continue reading so that you see the registration link for the free training and sign up for it before the training expires.

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Back to the story of Andrew Tate.

How did Andrew Tate make his money?

Andrew Tate net worth is reported to be $360 million in 2022. He has made a fortune for himself over the years and he is only 35 years old. What businesses does Andrew Tate do? This is a big question to ask to know whether he is actually lying about his income or he is truly making a lot of money for himself. Andrew Tate owns a lot of businesses. This includes but is not restricted to real estate,  casinos,  affiliate marketing and some ecommerce businesses. He also has a webcam business in the adult industry. He makes a lot of money from hosting webinars and giving advice on matters concerning business, money, women and many other topics. There is another source of income that he has which is his courses and coaching programs and also an underground club where he charges a whopping $5000 to join and the name of the club is the war room. From the war room alone Andrew Tate makes a lot of money and he also benefits from the influence of different people in the war room. People with a high social status, business men, people with different cultures and beliefs, and also people who live in different countries. Andrew Tate made a statement about the war room, of him having a large influence around the world in the war room. He said that he has different people in the war that he could tell to help him do something and they will do it. He made a statement on the same video on YouTube saying that if he needed to use a private jet in another country, he would get someone in the war room to arrange it.

The money that Andrew Tate makes from the war room can’t be compared to the influence of him having a club that has a lot of millionaires and people that have influence in their culture and country. He said that there are few billionaires in the war room; don’t know how true that is though.

So, the war room is something that I would like to call the place of influence. Not to forget that he also makes money from people that want to book a one-on-one call with him. He charges per minute that he spends with you on the phone. So, all these are what brings Andrew Tate the money he makes. Keep reading because I will reveal other income streams.

Andrew Tate is a proud owner of mansions around the world and he owns a lot of properties in different parts of the world. He currently resides in Romania where he has his mansion and his brother also lives with him. Actually, his brother Tristin Tate has a very good relationship with Andrew Tate. Tristin Tate is also rich considering that his net worth is around $110 million dollars, that is quite a lot of money, right? that is what you become from being the brother of the top G (as Andrew Tate fondly calls himself). 

The secret behind Andrew Tate’s fame. How the hustler’s university started.

I mentioned before that Andrew Tate has a course which is called the hustler’s university. The hustler’s university is an Andrew course that teaches people how to start an online business. He teaches a lot of business models  in the course. He does Most of what he teaches also and that is some of the methods that he has used to generate passive income online. The hustler’s university costs $49 per month and he has up to 100,000 active users in the course and these people will have to pay monthly to stay on the course. That means the hustlers university alone makes him over $4,000,000 per month. 

The different business model that Andrew Tate teaches inside the hustler’s university 

In the hustler’s university Andrew Tate teaches how to make money online with various online businesses.

Affiliate marketing 

This is the art of promoting other people’s products to earn a commission. The commission that you earn will depend on the platform, the vendor and the product that you are promoting. Actually, Andrew Tate has an affiliate program for his course at hustler’s university. He pays out 50% for a successful sale that you make. So, there are many products that you can promote as an affiliate like digital products, physical products etc. He teaches how to start an affiliate marketing business extensively in the course.

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Drop shipping 

He also teaches drop shipping. Actually this business model started blowing up around 2015 and so, many teenagers made a  fortune from dropshipping and a lot of people are still making money from it. This is a business that sells products by shipping directly from the manufacturer to the customers with you as the middleman you will take your profit from it. But you are the one that will create the store/ website and send traffic to it. Andrew Tate also teaches drop shipping in his course.

Amazon fba 

Amazon FBA is very similar to drop shipping but this  time around you have to buy in bulk and send it to the amazon warehouse. It is actually called FBA because it stands for fulfillment by amazon. This means you will buy the products for very cheap from a supplier in China and  you will ship it directly to amazon and amazon will do the sorting, packaging and shipping . all you have to do is to create your listing on the amazon website and start selling. Andrew Tate also teaches this in his course.

He actually teaches other business models in the hustler’s university but this is the major business model that he teaches. The hustlers university has contributed majorly to his net worth.

Andrew devised a means to go viral.

Following the ban that Andrew Tate got from all social media platforms online he devised a means to still be active and even after  the ban his videos just keep popping up such that you will wonder how he did it. Andrew Tate doesn’t have any social media accounts because some people claimed that he was a misogynist and was promoting masculinity. All social media platforms thought that he was too dangerous for their platform by promoting masculinity then, they decided to ban him. He then devised a means within the hustler’s university. The method he used was said to be a pyramid scheme. Actually I myself believe it is a pyramid scheme but still it is a genius move.

How did he do it?

He created an affiliate program in his course that will pay a 50% commission on every sale any of his students make with the hustlers university course. He then taught his students how to  promote the course and make commissions using viral organic content. He created and still creates tons of videos from his podcast that he does almost every day and he made the videos into  plenty of seconds of video, the affiliates can also edit the videos themselves. Then these students will create a tiktok, youtube, Instagram and any other social media account and they start posting these short videos  and putting their links in the bio or in the description of their channel.  Not before long videos of Andrew started going viral all over the the internet, till he became the number googled man on earth. This idea will form a circle which we call a pyramid scheme. Each new student also repeats the same process to generate sales and earn commissions online.  So, when next you see a video of Andrew tate know that he does not have a social media account but he has his videos popping up all over the internet and these videos usually get a lot of views most times in the millions. This way he has been able to generate consistent sales on his course which is the hustlers university.  All these income streams have earned Andrew state such a huge net worth .  In a video on YouTube Andrew mentioned that the $360 million is not really accurate about his net worth although he said it is very close. 

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How much does Andrew Tate make Annually?

With the different business model that Andrew Tate has he is making over $40 million annually with his businesses.

There is a quote he always says which is that making money is very easy. He said the internet is so powerful that you can start a business online and make a lot of money for yourself today. He gave an example in one of his videos where he created a drop shipping website for packaged cakes. He said he started the side hustle 6 months ago and he is getting the cake for about 20 cents and he said he is selling the cake for over $10 and he keeps the profit. All he just had to do was to create the website and promote the cake so that people can start buying the cake. “The quote of making money is very easy” is actually true because I also make money online myself and I know what it takes to make money online.

Disclaimer: making money online is not as easy as you think, you still have to put in the work to be able to get results. You also need to learn the right way to make money online so that you don’t fail. I made some mistakes and failed because I was not learning from the right places, but after 4 years of failing I started seeing results. I actually failed because I didn’t know 4 years ago what I know now. So that is why I said you should register for the free training that will teach you how to make $1500 per day online and you will learn how to avoid the mistakes that I made.

Andrew Tate biography and how he started is wealth journey 

Andrew tate biography : As we know there are people that inherit wealth and there are people that through their hard work and sweat built wealth; These are people that we call self-made millionaires, which means they built wealth all by themselves. Andrew Tate is a self-made millionaire. His father is the grand master emory tate, a very famous chess player. Andrew tate  not having the opportunity that other kids had, he said his dad taught them how to live life correctly with the right principles. He said that he learnt a lot from his dad. He said his dad’s intelligence level inspired him to be better. He also mentioned in one video on youtube how his dad was a very good chess player and Andrew Tate’s dad was very good with remembering things. Andrew Tate said his father will often talk about the date he played chess with some people and he will mention the year, month and even date. This is the quality he said he saw in his dad that made him want to become better. Then, it started with Andrew Tate’s kickboxing career. He started his career in 2010 and for the next 6 years he won about 4 championships he eventually retired from professional fighting in 2016 and he went on to build businesses. Andrew Tate is a British American who now lives in Romania. From his journey over the years, he started building businesses and made money which gives him the opportunity to live a luxurious lifestyle.

How rich is Andrew Tate?

There are people in the thousands category, there are people in the tens of millions category there are also people in the multi million categories the categories that have less people is the billionaire category.  Someone’s net worth is known by his cash flow and what he owns. Andrew Tate owns a lot of assets which either put money in his pocket or he uses them for luxury. Andrew Tate is in the multi million group because he makes more than $40 million a year and Andrew Tate net worth 2022 is reported to be $360 million. He said to an interviewer in a video on YouTube that the net worth on the internet is not accurate but very close. He then goes on to say that at his stage he has a lot of things without thinking about it. He said he has a private jet, a yacht and many super cars. His recent purchase is a Rolls Royce Phantom that cost Andrew and Tristan Tate over $450,000; the Rolls Royce Phantom was purchased without Andrew Tate thinking about it. 

How did they buy the Rolls Royce phantom?

Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate and his cousin were on a street which has a car shop. Their cousin was making a video with his phone and he asked Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate if they have a Rolls Royce? He asked the question because he saw a Rolls Royce in the car shop. Andrew answered his cousin and said “true we don’t have a Rolls Royce so let us buy one”. The 3 of them entered the shop and asked for a sales manager but the cousin was surprised because he thought they would think about it and have a meeting together before they bought it, they told him that they really don’t need a meeting to purchase something of that price. This story shows how rich the Tate brothers are, especially Andrew tate. Andrew Tate bought the Rolls Royce and added it to his fleet of supercars. Andrew Tate said he has bought material things to the extent he does not know what to buy again, that shows how rich he is.

They also made a recent purchase; a Bugatti chiron and a Bugatti watch . This is a $5 million car that is very rare and there are only 60 of these cars in the whole world. The watch also cost over $450,000 and each watch comes with the bugatti chiron. One Bugatti watch took the engineer 9 months to make. So, when Andrew Tate heard the story he said he just had to buy it since the watch came with the car. The Bugatti wrist watch has the shape of the Bugatti Chiron and it also has a Bugatti engine. These purchases he makes often readily show that Andrew Tate is rich.

My take on Andrew Tate

Although I don’t agree with everything that Andrew Tate says, I agree with many things that he says. The aspect of being disciplined, and treating a woman right. He often says that making money is easy, which is actually true if you follow the right path and you are willing to take action. Andrew Tate is not a bad guy he just has his opinions about life which are correct most of the time. 
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