Employee Management Tips for Better Spa Management

One of the key tasks, within the realm of spa business management is to manage employees. It is task, which many spa managers aspire to execute correctly, but only a few actually do. Defined in most simple terms, employee management is a set of related activities which spa businesses use to boost productivity and deliver quality services thus leading to better brand recognition, happier guests, improved client retention ratios, and higher profits. So, read along to know how you can create a functional and effective employee management program and also leverage technology aka spa management software to assist you running the program.

Work Scheduling

The first step to manage employees to have fair and equitable allocation of work, and in present age this can be easily achieved with the help of a spa management software. Equipped to handle single or multiple shift operations, a spa management software allows you to allocate rotational shifts in just a few clicks while ensuring equitable work distribution. Moreover, by sharing schedules on their personal devices, it helps them better plan their day. Spa software also share guest profile, complete with choice of music, preference of drink etc. such that the providers can equip themselves in advance thus enabling them to serve better. Zenoti spa software comes with an advanced AI system, which can easily accomplish all the above tasks in just a few taps. 

Set Clear Goals & Track Performance

If your team doesn’t know what they have to deliver, they can’t meet your expectations. Therefore, create smart and quantifiable deliverables. Establish goals and then communicate it to your team by guiding them with the steps to reach those goals, and setting up timelines.  If your goal to achieve a certain number of sales, communicate it effectively and provide them with enablers such as training to upsell products and services and how to use technology for it. Zenoti spa management software comes with a robust feature of analytics, which delves into clients past purchase history to suggest products and services, which are likely to have higher acceptability. Let your team harness technology wherever they can and make their life simple. Once the goals are set, monitor their progress. One of the ways to achieve this by setting up measurable metrics such as star ratings, average invoice values, retail sales commissions etc. Infact, by setting up these KPIs in a spa management software you create a transparent process, and also let your staff know about their progress via their own devices by simply logging into their own profile. 

Recognize & Reward 

We all love to be recognized. So, if you see someone putting in that exceptional work accord them the recognition, and if your budget permits give them a small prize. Do this in front of the entire team to motivate others. Create an incentive program, which has tangible real world outcomes. Nowadays, businesses keep coming up with new and innovative competitions to ensure that there are no biases. For instance, in a certain month you can have a reward for the best improved performance and in some months for the highest retails sales (over a certain threshold). 

Devote time to Impart Training 

Your team looks to you for both guidance and learning. Thus, as an integral part of spa business operations is to offer your team comprehensive and complete training. While some of your team members are going to be quick learners, others maybe later bloomers. Remember, there is no place for one shoe fits all management style. So, go ahead be the mentor. Such acts will not only result in making the staff more loyal towards your business but also make them go the extra mile to payback. 

Create Work Life Balance

One of the most common refrain heard amongst the professionals in the spa business is that they struggle with maintaining a work life balance. However, your spa can be different and make it a thing of past. By offering alternative work schedules such as split schedule, compressed work weeks, and flex timings you can permit your staff to have their work life balance. Worried about how to implement? Deploy technology. Based on employee preference, Zenoti spa management software can easily allow for such adjustments. Further, by automatically tracking attendance and shift durations the software will ensure that you compute error free payrolls. 

Cultivate an Open Communication System 

By all means be decisive and work with your mind, but keep in mind that best managers are the ones who are approachable. So encourage open communication system. From holding regular meetings, to taking suggestions to improve performance, welcome views freely. Open communication fosters strong relationships and reduces the need of conflict resolutions. 

Lead by Example

One of the best way to set benchmarks, especially for softer skill such as communication, discipline, decorum and mannerisms is to lead by example.  Thus, if you show up late, so will your team. If you talk condescendingly, so will they.  As the leader of the pack it is your responsibility to ensure that no such slack happens and the best way to prevent it is to lead by example. 

Lastly, always keep in mind to be compassionate, prompt in resolving conflicts, trust your staff, and respect their individuality. Being compassionate doesn’t mean that you should ignore erroneous code of conduct, but it does mean that you make a cautious evaluation. Openly communicate the negative consequence of the action, but re-evaluate whether in a certain instance that negative consequence can be withheld. When an employee knows that as a manager you’ve prevented them from suffering negative consequences, they will certainly embark upon course correction and be a great ally. 

Usman Zaka
Author: Usman Zaka

I have been in the marketing industry for 5 years and have a good amount of experience working with companies to help them grow their social media presence. My expertise is content creation and management, as well as social media strategy. I'm also an expert at SEO, PPC, and email marketing.

About Usman Zaka

I have been in the marketing industry for 5 years and have a good amount of experience working with companies to help them grow their social media presence. My expertise is content creation and management, as well as social media strategy. I'm also an expert at SEO, PPC, and email marketing.

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