5 tips on how to engage your audience by well-known blogger Katey Stanley

Blogging nowadays has become a lucrative business that gives millions across the globe a chance to interact with people of different cultures and nationalities. It also allows people to showcase their talents and thoughts. And yes, upon gaining popularity, there are financial benefits as well. 

While blogging appears easy, it is a modern art form that is hard to master. Each blog requires time, energy, creativity, and a unique angle that can make your content stand out from the rest, all the while keeping your target audience engaged. Keep in mind that there are millions of bloggers across the globe, and to stand out, you must pour your heart and soul into your blog. Well-known blogger Katey Stanley does just that to keep her audience engaged.

Katey Stanley from New Jersey is a well-recognized name in the world of blogging – especially among mothers and moms-to-be. Katey is a fun-loving mother of four and a millennial mommy known for creating and sharing fun memories of her kids and putting them up on her blog to inspire others. The exciting bit is that her content also revolves around travel and scenery.

This dynamic content creator graduated from Rutgers University and started working in PR. Her job required her to mingle with several bloggers, hence, it wasn’t long before she realized she actually had special experiences to share with the world. As soon as she realized that she could make a difference through her content, she quit her job and dedicated her time to instablogging and writing.

Well, Katey’s hard work paid off, and now she has 133k followers on her official Instagram handle. She also has a website where she uploads fun articles regarding family, travel, and kids. “I typically write about fun things to do with your family in and around New Jersey. Parenting tips and lifestyle enhancements,” Katey shares.

Do you also want to go the Katey-way and start a successful blog of your own? Well, now is your chance to learn from the best in the business! 

Find inspiration

Before you start blogging, you must find inspiration from your home, magazines, catalogues, a city, or even a museum. The idea is to focus on a topic you believe has not been touched or an area of expertise you feel you are better at. For instance, there are many travel, family, and lifestyle bloggers and instabloggers, but Katey Stanley stands out because she brings her distinctive thoughts and perceptions into whatever she posts. Even her pictures are unique and don’t look anything like the typical travel photos. “I love documenting my life and inspiring people,” Katey reveals.

Know your audience 

After figuring out your blog’s niche, start thinking about your target audience. How can you help them and what type of information can help solve problems? Your content will engage the followers only if you focus on their needs.

Get in touch with your soul

To produce engaging content, get in touch with your soul to know exactly what you feel strongly about. Relax, do yoga, and try to figure out what makes you different from others. Highlighting your strengths and boosting your confidence is the first approach to creating impactful content. People will only believe you if you believe in yourself. “Fear can paralyze you, cause anxiety, and quite frankly ruin your life,” Katey says. “Learn to control it, so it doesn’t interfere with your life.” And then see the magic.

Talk to the reader

Always write blogs and captions for social media thinking you are speaking directly to the audience. Use words such as “I” and “You”. The trick is to imagine that every single follower of yours is a friend and then have a conversation with them. No one likes blogs that lack feeling and warmth.

Be direct and ask questions

A blog is not a research paper; hence, drop the academic language and be direct with your audience. Ask them questions. If you are posting a video, you can follow up on every tip provided with a question. Moreover, ask them if they like your post or how you can improve the content, etc. Use the feedback wisely, even if some of your followers are harsh. Also, asking questions will keep your followers engaged in whatever you are writing or showing.

Follow these tips from Katey Stanley, and you will become an instant hit within your target audience. “I have worked immensely hard every day at growing my audience and creating relevant and engaging content,” Katey shares. And this is exactly what you need to do if you want to carve a niche for yourself in the world of instablogging!

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