How Much Do Munchkin Cats Cost?

The munchkin cat is a small to medium-sized cat having short legs. It is also referred to as the “sausage cat”. The munchkin cat is also recognised as a purebred cat. The price of the cat depends on different factors, like the specific health screening results and the pedigree. The typical price range starts around $500 and goes up to $3000 for the cat. Kittens are most likely to cost more than adult cats, and female cats also cost a lot more because they end up reproducing. 

Pure white and black cats with short legs and those with blue eyes cost a fortune. If you are looking for a budget, you should always consider adopting a cat. But you need to know that it is rare to find such a rare unrecognisable breed in the hands of animal shelters. You also must pay the extra cost of housing, feeding, and carrying it while travelling to protect your little furry friend.

One-Time Cost of a Munchkin Cat

The cost of the cat itself is just a portion of the upfront expenses required. You need to pay for the items like bedding and toys. You also have to pay for the initial food supply. You need to form a budget mentioned here to buy or adopt the munchkin cat.

Free of Cost

Free cats generally come from friends or even family friends that no longer want the cat. They might also be available online or in the cat and breed-specific groups. 


Munchkin cats get health complaints or illnesses due to their short legs and long backs. You have to take care to examine the cat before you even adopt it. Additionally, the rarity of the breed means that the munchkins are found in the shelters rarely, but it is possible. The adoption fees depend on the shelters you choose. But you need to expect to pay around $50 to $3000.


The cost of cats might vary widely depending on the breeders you choose. The average range is $500 to $1500, but the exhibition quality examples of the breed can cost anywhere around $2000 or even more. On the flip side, you might be able to find a cat for $100 or even less, even though such a low price must raise some red flags and demand more investigation before you end up buying it.

Initial Setup and Supplies

It would be best if you had some supplies in your house whenever you bring the new cat home. Furthermore, you need to know that the cost can vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere around $1000, including the cost of health checkups like X-rays and ultrasounds, which do not inflate the price simultaneously.

Monthly Cost of a Munchkin Cat

With time you need to replace the carrier or even the cat litter tray, but many of these items can last a long time. Regular expenses include food and healthcare, which cost around $100 monthly.


You can expect anywhere around $10 to $20 every month for health care. It is impossible to predict the healthcare requirement, but these requirements change with time. Generally, kittens and senior cats would attract high expenses every month. You have to pay for some flea treatment and emergency treatment.


You must expect around $40 to $60 per month for food. You must choose food items that are premium and fulfilling because they offer a nutritional diet and do not contain several calories. You have to feed the cat as per its age and exercise level. Remember that if you are looking forward to losing or gaining the cat’s weight, you must provide the cat with food appropriate to the target weight.


You can do the grooming part all by yourself using a regular brush. If you are choosing to do it yourself, you’ll have to purchase some essential products like a hairbrush, shampoo, wet wipes, etc. You can also maintain the proper hair length by visiting an expert groomer every two to three months, which would be beneficial. It would help prevent matting and leave the kitty looking better. The grooming sessions with experts could cost you around $50. 


The cost of insurance every month ranges from $10 to $20 per month. The cheap insurance policies cover the basics but have minimum monthly fees, while expensive policies can include welfare coverage, flea treatment, and spaying expenses.


Hence these are the expenses you must know about when adopting a munchkin cat. Make sure to plan your budgets priorly.

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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Andre Matthew, based in California. andrematthew209533{@}

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