Barton Hartshorn releases physical copies of folk album “Manchester Sun”

Barton Hartshorn’s album “Manchester Sun” is an irresistible offering that is now available physically. The album showcases the power of Barton Hartshorn’s songwriting ability, crafting a well-flowing album. His smokey vocals work hand in glove with vulnerable guitar parts, grooving bass lines and cello and violin accompaniment.

Speaking about the album, he says: “As I was writing the songs I could tell that they’d need a different approach to the previous album. These were guitar-driven indie-folk tracks with an Americana overtone. There was a definite theme of missed opportunity in the stories within. Although I toyed with the idea of a purely guitar and vocal album, I knew that certain tracks would benefit from additional voices and textures. Some songs, like ‘In a House Overlooking the Sea’ and ‘Starter Kiss’, arrived late in the recording process but just demanded to be included! I certainly can’t imagine the album without them now…”

A few albums and singles later, the whole world found itself at a standstill due to the dreaded COVID-19. However, Barton Hartshorn actually emerged from that period stronger and armed with a catalogue of new material. Pinches of Nick Drake through Lloyd Cole to Pete Doherty and Sam Fender can all be found in his latest album “Manchester Sun.” Within this signature sound, his music features tales of first kisses, of soldiers trying in vain to remember their hometown, of marriage proposals scrawled on motorway bridges, of missed opportunities and unreliable childhood memories. 

Manchester Sun will be released worldwide in November 2022 with the first single “Starter Kiss” and its accompanying stop-motion video having been released in June & “Semaphore Signal” in September. With an enthusiastic welcome already received from foreign press, we can’t wait to see the reaction to his new album.

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