Is Any Candy Mascot A Better Hang Than Santa?

Around Christmas, you know one thing you will be seeing on your TV screen. That is, of course, the ad where the red M&M and the yellow M&M meet Santa Claus. In fact, it has been around so long that it’s still in standard definition. You know how it goes, Red and Yellow are talking about whether or not Santa is real, then they run into him. They are freaked out that Santa exists. Santa is freaked out the giant talking M&Ms exist. It’s now vintage Christmas pop culture.

That got us thinking. Would we rather meet Santa Claus, or the M&Ms? And hey, while we’re at it, what about other candy pitchers? The spokespeople and spokesanimals out there? Starting with the first question, we’d probably go with Saint Nick. It would be interesting to meet talking candy, but the M&Ms aren’t that interesting. Yellow is kind of dense, and Red is kind of high strung as a result. Santa, though, has to have some interesting stories. Also, he may have something cool to give us. He’s magic, right?

Back in the day, Butterfingers were pitched by Bart Simpson. Now, The Simpsons is the best show of all-time, but why would we want to meet Bart over Father Christmas? Bart is a 10-year-old kid. Also, he’s kind of rude and a little bit of a jerk. It’s Santa Claus all day every day for us.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? That owl will talk to you about that. This one is tough. He’s a talking owl. That’s cool. On the other hand, we know he is willing to take your candy and eat it. Santa is a giving sort, so we will still go with him.

Candy mascots run out pretty fast. Those little Nerds can’t even talk, right? Did you know there is a Lemonheads mascot? He looks weird. Snickers has had a lot of celebrities in their ads, but none of them have really been a spokesperson. All in all, it seems like Santa is winning in a walk. Merry Christmas, indeed.

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