Inspiring Youngsters to Do What They Love; Dr. Savoy Brummer is Living a Dream by Following His Passion

The most frequent question raised during career or motivational seminars is probably, “what’s the key to success?” This is often accompanied by the classic response, “following your passion.” Easier said than done, right? How can one follow their passion if it contradicts their career? How can you make money while also living your dream life? Many of us make serious efforts to turn our passion into full-time professions. But is it even worth it?

In order to yield results, passion requires action. Youngsters nowadays often feel their passion drain out when they experience minor setbacks. If you believe “following your passion” is an unrealistic and hoax statement made by motivational speakers, you must meet Savoy Brummer. This 42-year-old emergency physician pursued his passion for combining medicine with entertainment and ended up serving as an executive producer for 15 movies post-Covid! Could life get any better for Savoy?

Savoy Brummer, often referred to as “the Hollywood Doctor,” didn’t receive his accomplishments on a silver platter. Coming from a family of educators, he was always determined to become the first doctor in his family, which drove him to prioritize education from an early age. “My family doesn’t have any doctors and as a young child, becoming the first doctor in the family seemed like the only way to create my name and position in the family,” comments Savoy. Pursuing his lifelong passion for medicine he eventually graduated from Howard with a 4.0 GPA and completed his postgraduate studies at NYU, fulfilling his childhood goal. Today, Savoy is the president and CEO of “A Safe Way Forward,” the first physician-led advisory council to give a comprehensive medical approach to the entertainment industry.

Entering the field of medicine, Savoy found it to be “quite conservative.” If it was anyone else, they might have either just given up on passion or continued working in the boring and unpleasant environment for the rest of their lives. Savoy, however, had other plans. Like every successful person, Savoy set out on his quest to make his “profession” more enjoyable rather than succumbing to it. “I sought to incorporate healthcare into both business and entertainment, so I can become successful while never leaving what I love,” says Savoy, perfectly demonstrating the mindset of someone who would never want to let go of their passion in order to pursue success.

When Covid-19 struck the world, the entertainment industry experienced a dreadful uncertainty where no one knew how to implement Covid friendly procedures for safer and healthier productions. This was when Savoy Brummer struck into action and stepped in to shoulder Hollywood amidst the pandemic. Being a medical specialist with the expertise to implement hospital-grade equipment and Covid-friendly practices on film sets, Dr. Savoy Brummer proceeded on to become the president and CEO of A Safe Way Forward, Hollywood’s first physician-led consulting agency that quickly rose to prominence for supporting the entertainment industry during such horrific days.

That isn’t all for Brummer’s achievements, though. Since 2017, he has established himself as one of the most notable producers, with one of his films, “King Richard,” winning an Oscar Nomination! He has produced approximately 15 films in total, and a number of his works have debuted on well-known platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and cable TV.

Growing up in a racist Arkansas town, life wasn’t easy for Savoy Brummer. He and his twin brother frequently endured racist slurs and verbal abuse from other children in their neighborhood. Even in school, teachers would caution Savoy against enrolling in accelerated courses without evidence, which compelled his mother, an educator, to speak with the administration. However, Savoy never let these horrific and condescending experiences pull him down. They merely gave him more motivation to pursue his ambitions of being a powerful advocate for the rights of black people. Today, Brummer encourages the black community by producing multiple projects led by people of color and continues to value the necessity of expressing black tales as an African American. “Professionally being able to support black CEOs as a fellow executive and board member allowed me to help medicine reach the underserved,” says Savoy about his accomplishments within his community.

Savoy Brummer’s life is nothing but an inspiration for the youth to never give up on their dreams. You might experience many hurdles during your journey, but that’s just what makes it exciting and worthwhile! The key to success? It’s not only following your passion but staying committed to it!

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