New DC Studio Co-CEO James Gunn Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Teases More Justice Society in Twitter Post

Of all of the many brightly garbed superhero teams which populate both the DC and Marvel Universes, few are spoken of among fans with as much reverence as the granddaddy of all superhero teams, the Justice Society of America. Racing out of the gates in the late Autumn of 1940 in All-Star Comics #3 from writer Gardner Fox, the JSA were the forerunners to the latter-day Justice League of America and distinguished themselves from the competition (both in and out of the DC stable of characters) by virtue of the fact that their in-comic book history acknowledges their pre-World War II roots, making their four-colored history rich with nearly a century of bright and exotic tales. Over the years, other talented scribes have joined Fox in adding to that multiverse-spanning history: Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, James Robinson, Geoff Johns and more have chronicled WWII adventures, tales of lost and found loves, bitter enemies and lineages which have spanned the decades in everything from titles like All-Star Squadron, Secret Origins, Freedom Fighters, DC Comics Presents, The Brave and the Bold, Showcase, The Golden Age, Young All-Stars and (naturally) Justice Society of America. To say that the original assemblage of eight mystery-men around a King Arthur-like round table has had staying power might just be a little of an understatement.

 With all of that history going for it, it’s a tad bit surprising that its taken the cinematic leg of DC – commonly referred to as the “DCU” – to catch up with the comics and introduce the Society on the silver screen. This year’s Black Adam more than made up for lost time by giving comicdom’s first team of heroes a rousing welcome, introducing moviegoing audiences to such JSA alums as Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Atom Smasher. For anyone that might have enjoyed seeing those original mystery-men and women at their local multiplex, be of good cheer: According to our Earth-Two pals over at Screen Rant, new DCU co-CEO James Gunn took to Twitter on Thursday, dropping a festive image of the JSA onto his account: “Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Love one another.”

 The rumor-mills were out in full force on Friday morning after James Gunn –  Guardians of the Galaxy director and one of the new Big Wheels at the helm of the DCU – posted a message wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving along with an image on Twitter of the Justice Leaugue and their forefathers the JSA enjoying a Thanksgiving meal together (though the gentleman in the Mercury hat is actually known as Jay Garrick, not Jason Garrick as Screen Rant identified him as; Nerds of the world unite!)

Outside of Gunn’s Twitte rpost being a sweet holiday salutation, could he also be teasing even more of the Justice Society of America in upcoming DCU films? Only time will tell, but as longtime fans of Rex Tyler, Carter Hall, Al Pratt and Ted Knight we’re begging you James Gunn and DC: Take our money!

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