Cimo Fränkel Talks Failed Relationships & More In New Hit Single “Closed The Door”

Amsterdam-bred multi-talented pop artist Cimo Fränkel is back with yet another hit single titled “Closed The Door.” It is hard not to think about Michael Jackson when listening to “Closed The Door” for the first time, with Fränkel having confessed multiple times in the past his admiration for the King of pop. So many elements point out to MJ’s reference, from Cimo’s performing skills to the fusion of pop he brilliantly creates. 

In his new release, Cimo Fränkel addresses the eternally relevant topic of relationships, this time focusing on its failures and the mindset arising from such an experience. 

With extensive experience in the industry, Cimo’s many talents have led him to write a score of hits, including the multi-Platinum ‘Sex’ by Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam (700M streams), Yellow Claw’s iconic smash ‘Shotgun’ as well as hits for Snoop Dogg, OMI, Hardwell, and Lucas & Steve’s 2019 airplay smash “Where Have You Gone”. Yet Cimo has also featured on records with internationally acclaimed artists including Armin van Buuren, Daddy’s Groove, Arty  and TW3LVE, and in 2018 started releasing his solo material : ‘Occasional Love’, ‘Never Give Up’, ‘I’m Alright”, ‘Where Do You Hide Your Love’, “Gamble”, “Live Without You”, “Stay the Night” – all leading to the release of his self-eponymous debut album in 2020. 

Nowadays, it is quite rare to come across such a talented and complete artist as Cimo Fränkel, an affirmation reinforced by the beauty and emotional power held in his latest single “Closed The Door.” Expect him to become a global star in the coming years, as every new release proves that his evolution is unstoppable! 

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Stream “Closed The Door” here

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