Alto Key releases warm new single “the day we met”

Social media sensation Alto Key has showcased his vulnerable side on his latest single “the day we met.” Warm piano lines and silky smooth vocals work hand in glove, creating a warm and heartfelt offering. The song acts as the perfect soundtrack for a soon-to-be lifelong memory – maybe even for a first wedding dance?

A love song at its core, Alto Key further reveals: “I typically make lots of music sounds on social media for people to use in their own short-form videos. One such sound that was shared a lot had lyrics around “the day we met” which people were using to show how they met their partners and pets. It also led to me getting a flood of requests for a full wedding dance song. As a result, I poured all the romantic energy I could squeeze into making a first dance song, and kept the sound lo-fi just like the original viral sound’s humble origins.” 

Alto Key has fully embraced the digital age, receiving a warm welcome online from his releases, picking up and embracing a large audience. In 2021, Alto Key was the most duetted artist on TikTok in the UK (read more here) and his accolades don’t stop there. Music challenges, viral jingles and heartfelt songs are all part of his repertoire and skillset, and 1.6M followers across TikTok and Instagram prove that people are fully locked in for the ride.

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