Top benefits of using witch hazel for skin

Herbal treatments are always beneficial and 100% pure without any chemicals or preservatives for all types of disease. Most people prefer to cure their illness with such herbal products instead of using chemical-based medicines, which sometimes worsen the patient’s condition. Almost every disease can be cured by using herbal medicines. In ancient ages. When the internet and society didn’t develop, if somebody used to get ill, they would treat it with fresh herbal plants, and sooner or later the patient usually state to recover.  All in all, herbal plants and their medicine are actually a lot more beneficial than chemical-based medicines. There are fewer chances that a medicine reacts with someone’s body. In this article, I will cover the benefits of witch hazel and what disease for stopping it is good at. Let’s uncover.

What is a witch hazel plant?

Witch hazel is a plant that contains a special type of chemical compound called “tannins” which is used in medicine for curing certain types of diseases. Some people use witch hazel directly on the skin for the reduction in skin itching, swelling and other types of skin injuries. Moreover, this plant has natural properties which can be used for dryness of the vagina, varicose veins, and bruises. There is a broad list of skin conditions that can easily be cured with the help of witch hazel.

Can we use witch hazel on open wounds?

Yes! Witch hazel can be used on open in order to reduce the inflammation of wounds and stop bleeding. Most people living in North America often use this plant’s leaves for treating open wounds, ulcers, and insect-caused infections. As this plant has such properties that promote proper and fast healing.

Can you rub witch hazel on the face?

Yes! You can use the witch hazel on your face, and you can achieve numerous benefits by applying it. It can also be sued for removing makeup from the skin. It is proven helpful in reducing inflammation and tightening skin pores to make your skin look young and glowing.

Is witch hazel containing alcohol or not?

In general, witch hazel contains naturally a percentage of alcohol around 8%to 14%. Discussing the chemical compound tannins most of the types of witch hazel are generally distilled using ethanol along with containing an extract of around 14% to 15% alcohol.

Is witch hazel good for wrinkles?

Still, there is no evidence that shows the improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, but overall, the consistent use of this plant on the skin can potentially make difference in your facial appearance. Witch hazel has been used for years in dermatological-attested beauty products due to its anti-inflammation and wound-healing properties.

Does witch hazel expire?

This is an interesting question, and the logical and interesting answer is, yes! There is an expiration date for witch hazel, but if you talk about the expiration of the plant, so the plant doesn’t expire, but as you extract the chemical from the plant so, its expiration is around 2 years. In the duration of 2 years, you should completely use the medicine or the extraction you have. Using witch hazel after more than 2 years is not safe at all.

Is witch hazel good for eye bags?

This is the most common issue among all age groups of people, but you can use switch hazel for the eyebags. As it has anti-inflammatory properties which shrink the blood vessels near your eyes and resultantly the eye puffiness is reduced. There are side effects of using witch hazel for people who have extremely damaged skin. People with that damaged skin shouldn’t use it at all.

Benefits of using witch hazel on the body:

These are the benefits of witch hazel which is an amazing cure for almost every type of skin condition. As it is pure, there are no chemicals or preservatives in it. It has no side effects unless if body’s condition is more worsened already.

  • Reduction in inflammation: Although inflammation is the natural response of the body, but chronic inflammation of the body parts can cause serious diseases. Nevertheless, witch hazel plays a great role in preventing the development of infections. It has antioxidants which are helpful in healing inflammation. Application of witch hazel in adequate amounts can help you cure the inflammation and with consistent use, the inflammation gets completely healed.
  • Cop with acne: Acne is the most common issue of the young generation which occurs in different parts of the body but particularly on the face. There can be many reasons for getting acne. But a reliable and natural cure for acne is witch hazel. This can be used directly on the skin after cleaning the face. It has skin tightening properties which minimize the pores and will reduce the inflammation on the skin. As witch hazel is typically used in OTC products for acne and different dermatological-attested skin products.
  • Heal the damaged skin: The plant of witch hazel is enriched with antioxidants and tannins which protect the skin from further damage. Whether your skin is damaged by using wrong and substandard products whatever reason may be. A doctor may prescribe you products containing witch hazel to stop further skin damage and repair the already damaged skin. A study on an animal shows that the tannins act like barriers to the skin and stop the inflammation caused by bacteria in the skin cells.
  • Decrease dandruff: By using witch hazel you can actually decrease dandruff and promotes the healing of damaged scalp. As witch hazel contains anti-irritation and anti-inflammatory properties so a shampoo containing an adequate concentration of witch hazel may heal the scalp and reduce its irritation of the scalp.
  • Reduced sunburn: Sunburn and tanning is common nowadays due to overexposure to the sun and not using sunscreen when going outside result in extremely damaged skin. You can use a small piece of cotton containing witch hazel directly on the affected area. It would be more beneficial if you add aloe vera along with witch hazel and then apply it to the skin.


As you read the whole benefits of witch hazel, always use this product in minimum quantity and if possible, then go to a doctor and prescribed some medicine. It is more likely he will suggest to you the medicines that actually contain the witch hazel. So, seeing a doctor is recommended, if your skin condition is extremely worsen already.

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