Has ‘Nailed It!’ Hit The Down Slope?

I was surprised, pleasantly so, to see new episodes of Nailed It! on Netflix. The Halloween “season” consists of four episodes, each of which is inspired by another Netflix original. While I was looking forward to them, as I watched them I did come to a realization. It may be time to hang up the golden baker’s hat. Nailed It! has possibly run its course.

In theory, Nailed It! should be forever renewable. There is no storytelling here. It’s a game show. They’ve done Chopped for over a decade, and they churn out episodes of those. Nailed It!, though, is a more specific show. Three bakers of questionable skill compete against each other. Nicole Byer makes jokes and is a fun host. It’s funny, but has a positive aspect to it. However, there may be diminishing returns.

All the different ways to mine comedy from Nailed It! has been done. The humor in seeing bad cakes can only take you so far. They are now doing more and more gimmicks. That’s a sign of a competition show looking to stay vital and to avoid a rut. Eventually, that stops working.

If more Nailed It! episodes come out, I will watch them. Well, unless they do a gimmick they don’t like. Perhaps the thing to do is pull back on episode numbers. Do five a year for a few years. That’s enough time to start jonesing for some Nailed It! episodes. Right now, though, I am not necessarily looking to check out Nailed It!. These four episodes satisfied that itch, an itch that is diminishing after a few years.

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