Is Getting A Tattoo During Pregnancy Safe

Pregnancy is often unpredictable regardless of how far in advance you book a tattoo appointment. In such cases, you probably start wondering whether getting a tattoo while pregnant is safe. Frankly, no law or regulation can stop you from getting a tattoo while pregnant. However, it’s a good idea to know about the related risks and possible hazards for the mother and the child. Perhaps, you’re curious about your safety and precautions of having a tattoo while carrying your child. Here’s some information from that you may find helpful:

Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant?

If there must be a clear answer to this, it would be no. No matter how much you might want some new tattoos, it’s not a good idea to get them when you’re expecting. Some common risks related to tattoos during pregnancy are infections and allergic reactions. Moreover, the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy may affect how quickly your skin recovers.

Many tattoo artists also warn that getting tattooed while pregnant can lead to mental discomfort and possibly body hazard. As expected, stress management is crucial during pregnancy, and having a tattoo may put your body under unnecessarily high stress.

Is It Safe To Get Inked During Pregnancy?

There are several reasons why getting a tattoo while pregnant may appeal to you. Perhaps you’d prefer a tangible memento to constantly remind you of this special period in your life. Or maybe you were going to get a tattoo but were discouraged by a pregnancy test that came back positive. But now you’re probably wondering, “can you get a tattoo while pregnant”? Of course, but here are some of the risks that you must take into consideration:


The biggest worry about having a tattoo while pregnant is the possibility of contracting an infection like hepatitis B or HIV. Hepatitis B is a dangerous liver infection that can make you extremely ill and affect your unborn child.

90% of infants who receive hepatitis B develop a chronic, lifelong infection. Untreated, chronic hepatitis in children increases the risk of one in four passing away from linked illnesses. Similarly, 15 to 45% of the time, HIV is passed from mother to kid. This virus weakens the immune system and can prevent infants from developing normally.

Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction to the substances in the tattoo needle is another potential problem. Many mothers are prone to allergic reactions to the dyes and metals in the tattoo ink. You should reconsider your decision if you have any known intolerance towards chemical or metal substances.

Chemical Hazards

Finally, it is uncertain what dangers the chemicals in tattoo dyes offer to your unborn child. Improper tattooing can lead to chemical poisoning, hurting you and your baby.

Are There Any Issues With Having a Tattoo Before Pregnancy?

Perhaps, you now know of the most common risks associated with getting a tattoo while pregnant. Still, you might be worried about the tattoos you already have. Fortunately, if properly cared for, existing tattoos won’t negatively affect pregnancy. Of course, this rule applies only when you allow your tattoos enough time to heal.

Pregnancy probably won’t impact the appearance of an existing tattoo in terms of keeping its integrity. A tattoo on the hip or thigh might somewhat warp, but not enough to destroy the design. Other common cases include stretch marks and extra skin after pregnancy – changes that are also normal and won’t affect your tattoo. However, it’s crucial to understand that everybody is unique, and it is impossible to predict precisely how getting pregnant will affect your tattoo.

Final Thoughts

Even though you might feel compelled to get a tattoo while pregnant, medical professionals and tattoo artists believe that you and your unborn child should wait until after you’ve given birth. Regardless of what experts say, many women still decide to get inked. But along with the potential harm, getting a tattoo while pregnant can be quite painful. That’s why you should reconsider your plans and get a tattoo after birth. 

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