Quick Cleaning Tips for Your Home

The task of cleaning your house can be daunting without the right tips. As professional domestic cleaners from Chester we know how to help you keep your house clean! Turn your frantic scrubbing into effortless swipes and sparkles with these top cleaning tips.

Using White Vinegar and a Toothbrush as Disinfectant

In contrast to many branded cleaning products, vinegar is very versatile. In addition, it’s very cheap. Mix a half-way solution of vinegar and tap water and scrub it on any light switches, computer keyboards, or other places where bacteria could. As well as switches, white vinegar can be a very effective general purpose cleaner, many people use it to clean windows and kitchen worktops.

Cleaner Air Starts with Dust Control

Despite the fact that it may seem obvious, many people fail to keep their pillow cases clean. Vacuuming and washing pillows isn’t enough. Move furniture to free up dust. Dust mites thrive in these places, causing allergy-prone people to become uncomfortable. Dusting cloths or microfibre cloths are the best tools for wiping away dust. If you use a damp paper towel, thick dust can be picked up instead of being moved around, like with feather dustering.

Maintain Busy Rooms

It doesn’t make sense to vacuum the spare bedroom unless you have guests. Focus on the areas where you need to. Planning ahead is essential for any endeavor. The upstairs bathroom could be cleaned on Mondays, while the downstairs bathroom could be cleaned on Wednesdays. When you keep up with small cleaning tasks, they won’t grow into bigger ones. So take a moment to wipe down sinks after they’ve been used.

Wistl Can Help You Keep The House Pristine

We’re available all across Chester and the surrounding areas of Cheshire county. Depending on your needs, we can clean your home daily, weekly, or any other way you prefer. In addition to house cleaning, we provide deep cleaning services too.

If you need domestic cleaning in Chester, please get in touch with us. We’ll then discuss your requirements with you.

Whether you’re looking for home cleaning or office cleaning, our highly rated cleaners guarantee convenient, consistent service.

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