7 Ways To Choose An E-commerce Shipping Aggregator

The e-commerce sector is growing at an exponential rate across the world, and some of the major driving forces behind its expansion are the popularity of digital currency and the easy availability of the internet. The retail industry has also witnessed remarkable growth due to the ease of business over the internet. The number of digital buyers grows yearly as global internet consumption steadily climbs. As per Statista, in 2020, more than two billion people made online purchases, and e-retail sales topped 4.2 trillion US dollars globally in the same year. 

The logistics and shipping industry has come a long way too, and its market presence is noticeable. The value of the global logistics market in 2020 was close to USD 8.6 trillion. With a total of about two trillion dollars that year, North America was the second-largest region behind Asia. As the online market continues to grow, e-commerce firms are readily looking for reliable shipping aggregators, who can help them engage a maximum customer base, along with enabling seamless global reach.

As a businessman or eCommerce manager, you are aware that clients demand competitive pricing, numerous shipping options, and quick delivery, and therefore, you require a delivery strategy. If you’re wondering what this is, strategic shipping is what differentiates you from the other competitors in the business and boosts your margins. Enlisting the help of shipping aggregators and a 3PL fulfillment center plays a crucial role in helping you reach a diverse customer base, with end-to-end logistics solutions.

How Are Shipping Aggregators Helpful For E-commerce?

For an integrated platform to handle shipping orders and maintain a proper dialogue with their courier service providers, companies known as shipping aggregators connect e-commerce businesses with a vast network of third-party logistics providers (3PLs). 

To supply e-commerce companies with a diversified logistics network for all of their shipping needs, a courier or shipping aggregator collaborates with numerous third-party logistics providers.

Shipping aggregators typically offer a variety of shipping services from different couriers, which gives businesses more flexibility in terms of choosing the right shipping option for their needs. They also usually offer discounts on shipping rates, which can further save businesses money. Some courier aggregators even offer additional services such as package tracking and insurance.

Due to the ability of courier aggregators to hire qualified specialists to manage shipping and fulfilment requirements of e-commerce companies, businesses can devote more time and resources to other aspects of their operations. They serve as an intermediary for courier partners and e-commerce companies, providing trustworthy shipping services during periods of peak demand.

Factors To Consider While Choosing a Shipping Aggregator For Your E-commerce Business

  1. Make sure their services align with your needs and those of your product

You should be aware of how your products differ from those of your competitors in terms of size, weight, and cost. The ideal case scenario is that you are well aware of how many things you ship each week. It will assist in setting the right price for a shipping service. Always consider your customer’s location, delivery window, the deadline for the order, and delivery fee preferences.

  1. Check for package delivery capability

For businesses of all sizes, delivery range, delivery speed, delivery tracking, and shipping costs are crucial. So, if you want to choose the best shipping aggregator, checking over their delivery speed should be at the top of your list of priorities. Choosing the quickest and most affordable courier service requires careful planning and research. 

  1. Evaluate the feasibility of courier tracking

Your courier aggregator should be able to provide you with thorough tracking capabilities and up-to-date information on the live location of your package. This tracking feature is useful for informing your consumer of delivery schedules. Make sure the eCommerce shipping aggregator you choose to partner with offers the necessary tracking facilities.

  1. Analyze each shipping aggregator’s pricing structure

Budget is a very important consideration when it comes to shipping costs. A study found that 43% of online customers remove items from their carts due to expensive delivery costs. It is critical to evaluate the costs of each shipping courier service you choose. 

Even though many businesses are prepared to pay more for faster shipment, you shouldn’t be tempted to choose the least expensive alternative because doing so can require you to sacrifice quality. An excellent strategy to choose a shipping aggregator for your small business is to request quotes from reliable couriers because some businesses conceal fees on their pricing models.

  1. Examine the reliability and experience of a shipping aggregator

It is usually worthwhile to do good homework on the courier company’s dependability and level of experience. Choose a well-known company that has a solid reputation in the market and has experience working with businesses like yours.

Pay attention to businesses that ship both domestically and abroad, to find the best international courier service in the business, to ensure the global reach of your company. A competent courier service can support the expansion of your business and help you meet consumer expectations.

  1. Check the warehousing facilities

The top Indian logistics companies for e-commerce provide warehousing services, and the majority of them have their facilities spread across the nation. These warehouses serve as a safe and secure storage facility for a range of goods and cover various distribution areas. Make sure to check the warehousing services provided by the shipping aggregator you choose, to ensure the safety of your goods.

  1. Explain your customer service need

Nothing is worse than having to deal with client shipping issues or being unresponsive when a package is delayed. This is why the eCommerce shipping business you select should have reliable customer service and offer the following:

  • Support for customers via phone and email
  • AI-powered live chat

Make sure you enquire with your shipping aggregator about their customer care options, how to set up a chatbot, and where your clients may contact you in case of issues. Don’t overlook the value of working with a reputable eCommerce shipping and courier business that has years of experience, which will aid you in handling all the logistical challenges and coming out on top. 


The future of e-commerce and international shipping services looks promising, which will further create huge market demand for efficient and reliable shipping aggregator companies, that can deliver the best courier services to e-commerce businesses while remaining updated with consistently changing market trends and requirements. With increasing digitalization, e-commerce businesses have ample opportunities to outgrow their global consumer base and establish their brand value by opting for the best international courier services.

By helping you free up time and human resources, shipping aggregator companies can enable your business to maintain time-efficient courier services and offer better customer service. Because of this, many of the most prosperous e-commerce businesses are choosing to outsource their logistics to streamline their supply chains and boost organizational efficiency.

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