Facts about Calgary

Alberta, a province in western Canada, is home to the multicultural metropolis of Calgary. Despite being a well-known travel location, 尔加里华人网 has a few interesting facts that you might not be aware of. Calgary is situated halfway between the Prairies and the Canadian Rockies’ front ranges. It is situated in both the Grasslands and Parkland Natural Regions. The city offers both the dynamic energy of a welcome spirit and the vibe of a big urban city.

Calgary, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is sustained by the Bow and Elbow rivers, two well-known waterways. One of Canada’s most underappreciated cities, Calgary is frequently eclipsed by the other dynamic, nearby cities. There are so many interesting things about Calgary that nobody knows about yet. Calgary, however, is a typical example of a city with a lot to offer and is just waiting to be explored. People are drawn to downtown Calgary by the city’s open spaces and friendly vibe.

Tallest structures

Downtown is easily identified by the various skyscrapers there. Some buildings, like the Calgary Tower and the Scotiabank Saddledome, are distinctive enough to serve as Calgary’s emblems. While residential skyscrapers are more common in the Downtown West End and the Beltline, south of downtown, office buildings tend to be concentrated in the commercial core. It is simple to distinguish the numerous stages of development that have influenced the perception of downtown thanks to these structures, which are symbolic of the city’s booms and recessions. The first skyscraper construction boom began in the late 1950s and lasted through the 1970s.

Facts to Know About Calgary

Calgary is a great city to live in because it’s lovely and enjoyable. Furthermore, there is a tonne of fascinating things to learn about Calgary. In this article, we’ll share some fascinating and amusing facts about Calgary that you probably didn’t know.

The Climate

The thrilling weather in Calgary is the first fun fact. The “sunniest” city in Canada is Calgary. The weather in Calgary is wonderful. There is some sunshine, even in the winter. The winters feel cosier and more inviting because of this. Calgary experiences 333 days of sunshine on average per year. You already know that Calgary is famous for its weather. It has a climate like a prairie steppe.

The best outdoor show in Canada is hosted by Calgary Stampede IT, a non-profit community organisation.

The Calgary Stampede

Every year in July, a rodeo, exhibition, and festival last for roughly ten days. The Calgary Stampede is currently the biggest rodeo in history, but there is a catch. The Stampede honours the western heritage and ideals of Calgary. The stampede holds a rodeo, agricultural competitions, and an evening performance throughout the ten days. And for the remaining 355 days, the Stampede hosts world-class events planned to amuse people worldwide.

First Olympic Winter Games

Calgary is renowned as Canada’s winter capital. The inaugural Canadian winter Olympics were held in Calgary in 1988. Additionally, this was the first time the Winter Olympics lasted two weeks. The 88 Olympic Games better shaped Calgary. Additionally, it introduced Calgary’s Olympic Oval and Canada Olympic Park. The 88-day, 18,000-kilometer torch relay for the 1988 Winter Olympics holds the record for the longest relay in history.


Based on the 2016 Census, 36.2% of Calgary’s residents were visible minorities (non-white, non-aboriginal), making up 60% of the city’s population. 4% of its residents were of Aboriginal heritage. The most often mentioned ethnic backgrounds among individuals of European descent were British, German, Irish, French, and Ukrainian. South Asians (9.5%), primarily from India and Pakistan, are the largest visible minority population, followed by Chinese (6.8%), then Filipinos (5.5%). 3.5% of the population was of West Asian or Middle Eastern descent, 3.5% of African or Caribbean heritage, and 2.6% of Latin American origin. Calgary came in fourth place among the main Canadian cities regarding the percentage of visible minorities, trailing only Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver.

The Special Plus 15 System

The peculiar system is the seventh interesting thing about Calgary. You can go 11 miles through downtown Calgary on the + 15 skyway network without leaving the city.

The Plus 15 walkway system is the globe’s largest pedestrian network. The 11 kilometres of inside walkway connects 100 buildings, including 61 suspended bridges around 15 feet above the ground. Since the system’s 1970 debut, it has linked dozens of stunning Calgary structures.

Zoo of Calgary

One of Canada’s most popular and often visited tourist attractions is the Calgary Zoo. It is rated as North America’s third-best zoo.

The zoo is situated in Bridgeland, a short distance from Calgary’s city centre. Over 100 unique species can be found at the Calgary Zoo, along with more than 1000 species. The zoo has received recognition as one of the top zoos in the world in conservation studies on a global scale. The Vancouver Island marmot, northern leopards frog, black-footed ferrets, greater sage grouse, quick fox, burrow owl, whooping crane, and black-tailed prairie dog were among the eight western Canadian species that the zoo wanted to save.

Beef with ginger

A well-known Western Canadian delicacy is ginger beef. The dish includes beef, some sweet sauce, and ginger. The dish is partially Canadian and somewhat Chinese because Geung Ngao Yuk’s Chinese recipe inspired it. However, it was created in Calgary. This dish is credited to numerous chefs and establishments as their invention. The dish was first created during the 1970s at Calgary’s Silver Inn by Chef George Wong, according to the most widely accepted origin account.

The City Has More Variety Than You Might Imagine

Calgary is a bustling city with a multicultural ambience and a city of young people. One of the most varied cities in Canada is Calgary. Approximately 28% of the current population was born abroad. This enhances their dining experience and festive setting, allowing guests to enjoy and observe the seamless blending of many cultures. Due to this extreme diversity, there are currently 120 different languages known and spoken in Calgary.

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