Nona Bayat|Fitness Expert and Enterpreneur


Content maker and prospering fan who got a massive following on TikTok. Her viral gym routine plans and food accounts have assisted her with getting in over 390,000 fans and in excess of 6 million penchants on the app. Her family moved from Iran to Los Angeles. Nona Bayat was brought into the world on April 29, 1999 (age 23) in the Bound together States. She is an emerging Tiktok star.

Skilled foundation:

She progressed forward from the School of Los Angeles, California (UCLA) taking into account a fairly lengthy assertion science. She went during different times interning at work environments or shadowing organized subject matter experts. She applied to clinical school and got seen. In January 2020, while in school, she started posting on Tiktok which was about her gym standard and a brief timeframe later workouts.She started making content among classes and beginning there in a little while saw a section with virtual redirection to rehearse with her energy close by supporting individuals on a general scale. Close to a year into electronic redirection, she began to get related by different, as a rule, chose to work with GymShark as their qualities. So the following she is a full-opportunity content maker who necessitates developing individuals intellectually and truly through the appearances of flourishing and thriving.

Begin in Success feild:

At school, Nona Bayat began posting content about succeeding and success on TikTok.She recorded an action with her level mate at my school’s gym and posted it on TikTok ignoring anything. She got 1,000,000 perspectives after it.She chose to continue to present on TikTok on share accomplishment and thriving tips. Furthermore, in the pandemic time,she began to associate with individuals and make friends.Her TikTok got astoundingly useful, and She began to get seen by massive brands and have the delight of working with them because of the dumbfounding individuals who have remained mindful of her foundation.


Nona Bayat’s first power sponsorship was with GymShark, a UK-based athleisure company.She has been working with them for close to 2 years now. It was a welcome locale, the weightlifting district, by different kinds of success. Moreover, she had the delight of making a couple of overpowering amigos through GymShark. She has been working with OneSol, a plant-based supplement brand, for more than a half year at this point. This brand is wonderfully enthusiastic about stomach accomplishment and clean redesigns that individuals can securely consume for their way of life.

Nano Bayat’s common Typical practice:

Nano Bayat’s traditional day is as a full-time happy maker. She mixes at 6am, does a full body stretch, then, takes some tea and sits outside (in the sun on the off chance that there is sun), and sees something like 10 pages of a book. She right currently regards care guides and cash related coaching books. Then, she eats and heads to the gym for a morning exercise. She takes mount too since she records  exercises and posts them on  social media.she gets back, hosts gatherings, and starting there on she begins recording more satisfied. Towards the night’s end, she commonly does her changing which surmises that close should take 5 hours to wrap up. Then, at night,she does a reflection meeting before bed.



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Muhammad Zohaib Providing SEO Services, Writing Services and Guest Posts/Backlinks Services on quality sites. Email:: [email protected] WhatsApp: +923354300573

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